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CREATED 10/19/2010

WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
    Please read the OVERVIEW carefully, and make up your own mind.



John P Rupp
David M Billings
Roger Perry
George B Leslie
Francis JC Roe
Myron Weinberg
Operators and Assistants:
Sharon L Boyse
Andrew Whist
Chris Proctor
Philip W Witorsch
Helen M Garnett
Whitecoats program
Clive Ogle
John Bacon-Schone
Malinee Wongphanich
Benito R Reverente
Marilyn Go
Alun McIntyre
Lina Somera
Sarah Liao
Linda C Koo
Yoon Shin Kim
Fengsheng He
Camilo C Roa
Luis M Ferrer
Donald Ming-Tak Ho
Guang-quan Liu
Heng Juat Lim
Lee Kiang Quah
Siew Eang Lee
Izhar M Fihir
Heng Juat Lim
Wen-Chen Victor Liu
Sung-Ok Baek
Cha Chul-Whan
Eung-Bai Shin
McGill Conference
Lisbon IAQ/Warm Climates
Bangkok conferences




Izhar M Fihir    

— An Asian Whitecoat from the University of Indonesia who secretly worked for the tobacco industry —  

Some key documents

Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia, Depok

1990 Sep 18: Sharon Boyse, the "Issues Manager" of BAT in the UK is providing advice to other companies re their shared "Asian ETS Program."

  • Gray Robertson of HBI is available in Far East around Nov 7
  • New Consultants (WhiteCoats) have been recruited in:
    • Taiwan
      Professor Wen-Chen Victor Liu, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at the National Chio Tung University (an expert on building ventilation and IAQ)
    • Singapore (second consultant)
          — Dr Siew Eang Lee, Director of Laboratories, School of Architecture, University of Singapore
  • Orientation session to be in Manila Oct 19 for new consultants from Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. And for six new Japanese consultants in Tokyo early December
  • Consultant activities.
  • Distribute McGill ETS symposium proceedings
  • Hong Kong IAQ monitoring project field work
  • Attack on EPA's report on ETS circulated. Ready for release of the EPA report
  • Symposium "Health priorities for the Philippines through the 1990s on Oct 20 [See release] http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/xrh00a99/pdf
  • Gray Robertson (HBI) activities in Hong Kong continuing.
Rothmans have not participated, and RJR has reduced its funding for this project, but Philip Morris has increased its contribution.
Shares are now BAT/B&W $160,000, JTI $160,000, Philip Morris $140,000, RJ Reynolds $100,000.

1990 Oct 19: A meeting of consultant in Manilla. This is the new Asian Whitecoats orientation meeting.

  • Lawyers: John Rupp and David Billings of Covington & Burling.
  • English ARIA recruiters: George Leslie, Roger Perry,
  • Australian consultant/helper: Helen Garnett,
  • Old WhiteCoats: Luis Ferrer, Linda Koo, Ben Reverente, Camilo Roa, Lina Somera.
  • New Consultants:
    • Dr. I Fihir (Jakarta),
    • Dr Lee Siew Eang (Singapore)
    • Dr Lim Heng Juat (KL)
    • Dr Wen-Chen Victor Liu (Taipei)
    • Dr Quah Lee Kiang (Singapore)

See Agenda for this meeting. Note the 'scare' session on Legionella by the Australian microbiologist Helen Garnett. Also note the information sessions by Gordon Leslie on how the WhiteCoats/Consultants organisations ARIA , APAIAQ and IAI operate to launder funds for their academic members.

1991 Nov 28-29: 13th Asian Conference on Occupational Health in Bangkok, Thailand — had a special piggy-backed Satellite Symposium on 'Indoor Air Quality in Asia' It had a number of Asian WhiteCoats as speakers, together with well-known European tobacco science-lobbyists (along with at least one legitimate scientist and some unwitting associates):

  • Indoor Air Quality of Urban Shopping Facilities — by Izhar M Fihir, Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia.
  • Identification of the Source of Airborne Particulate Matter in Urban, Suburban and Industrial Areas, — by Sung-Ok Baek, Deparment of Environmental Engineering, Yeungnam University, Kyungsan, Korea
  • "How Safe are the Maximal Exposure Levels of CO" — by Goran Krystic and Donald ('Max') Weetman, Sunderland Polytechnic, [European WhiteCoats]
  • "How Do We Establish Priorities for the Amelioration of Indoor Air Pollution" — by Gordon Leslie [WhiteCoat recruiter]
  • "Contol of Dust in Small Cement Factories with Shaft Kilns" — by Guang-quan Liu et al


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