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La Croix, Sumner J [ Prof]
Laband, David N [Prof ]
Lanau, Frank
Lanfvardt, Arlen [[Prof]]
Lange, T Mark
Lansing, Paul
LaRiviere, Jacques R
Larson, Reed
Lasagna, Robert
Lauderback, J William
Lauer, William       [mentioned in the text only]
Lawler, T Newman
Lawrence, Paul
Leader, Robert W
Lee, Dwight R [ Prof]
Lee, Si Duk
Lee, Siew Eang
Leiken, Alan M [Prof]
Lenges, J [Prof]
Lenmark, Jacqueline       [mentioned in the text only]
Leonard, Frank M
Levin, Hal
Lewis, Gibb
Liable, Myron       [mentioned in the text only]
Lichman, Aaron
Liebeck, Stella
Lieberman, RJ.       [mentioned in the text only]
Lindsay, Cotton Mather ('Matt') [Prof ]
Lindsay, Cotton Mather [Prof]
Liorente, Jose Miguel
Littlechild, Stephen C
Liu, Wen-Chen Victor [Prof]
Lo Jacono, Giuseppe
Logue, Dennis E [Prof]
Long, James E
Loper, Dennis
Lowe, Geoff [ Dr]
Lucht, Dave       [mentioned in the text only]
Lyden, Donald P

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Labor Council for Latin American Advancement