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MacPhee, Craig R [Prof]
Mahon, William F       [mentioned in the text only]
Maloney, Michael T ('Mike') [Prof]
Mamola, Nicholas
Manning, Willard G [ Prof]
Mannino, Edward (Ed)
Marshall, EG
Martiesian, Terry       [mentioned in the text only]
Martin, Clarke W
Martin, Delores T [Prof ]
Martin, Dolores Tremewan ('Dee') [Prof ]
Mason, Charles F ('Chuck') [Prof]
Matthews, Charles L       [mentioned in the text only]
Matthews, Len
Maurice, S Charles ('Chuck') [ Prof]
Maurice, S Charles [Prof]
McChesney, Fred S
McChesney, Fred
McClintock, Kenneth [Sen]
McClure, James E [Prof]
McClure, Kenneth       [mentioned in the text only]
McCormack, David M
McCormack, Ed       [mentioned in the text only]
McCormick, Robert Exley ('Bobby')
McCoy, William D
McEachern, William A
McEachern, William
McGuire, John       [mentioned in the text only]
McInturff, William (Bill)
McKeague, Nancy       [mentioned in the text only]
McKenzie, David K [ Prof]
McKenzie, Richard B [Prof]
McLean, David C
McMahon, Robert C [Prof ]
McMillan, John B       [mentioned in the text only]
McMullen, Jim       [mentioned in the text only]
McQueen, Josh       [mentioned in the text only]
Mead, Arthur C [Prof ]
Mehan, Daniel       [mentioned in the text only]
Mellis, Craig M
Menchik, Paul L [Prof ]
Mendiola Codina, Luis Carlos
Metz, Steve       [mentioned in the text only]
Mgalione, Tim       [mentioned in the text only]
Mieszala, Pat       [mentioned in the text only]
Militello, John F ('Jack')
Miller, Alden A [MD]
Mills, Ian
Minshew, George R
Mirel, Larry       [mentioned in the text only]
Mitchell, William C ('Bill') [Prof]
Mitchell, William C
Mizerski, Richard W
Mondale, Eleanor
Monihan, Jim       [mentioned in the text only]
Moore, Jesse       [mentioned in the text only]
Moran, Brennan [Ms ]
Morey, Philip R [ PhD]
Morgan, James J (Jim)
Morgan, Lance
Moschis, George P.       [mentioned in the text only]
Moyston, Jerome J
Mozingo, Roger L
Munzo, Mario
Murnane, Ed       [mentioned in the text only]
Murphy, Joseph F
Muzi-Falconi, Toni

Organisation Acronyms & Abbreviations


Organizations & Misc.

Madison Inst. for Policy Research & Development
Maine Alliance
Martin Haley Ryan
Martin Ryan Haley
McGinnis Lockridge & Kilgore
Merril Associates
Mountain States Legal Foundation
Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial

Studies, Journals, Plans and Conferences

Manning Study
McGill University Conferences