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Cain, David [Sen]
Calfee, John E ('Jack') [ Dr]
Cameron, Patricia
Carenbauer, George       [mentioned in the text only]
Carlo (Part 1), George Louis
Carlo (Part 2), George Louis
Carlo (Part 3), George Louis
Carlo (Part 4), George Louis [ Dr]
Carlo (Part 5), George Louis
Carlo (Part 6), George Louis
Carnovale, Mary EC
Carpenter, William       [mentioned in the text only]
Carr, Wayne
Carter-Ruck, Peter F
Casella, Len       [mentioned in the text only]
Caufield, John [Sen]
Cavin, Jacques
Cherry, James R (Jim)
Chinn, Dennis L [Dr]
Christian, Ernest S
Clancy, Pat       [mentioned in the text only]
Clark, Jeffrey R [ Prof]
Clark, Jeffrey Ray ('Jeff' or 'Jeff-Ray') [ Prof]
Clements, Earle C
Cleveland, Kathleen Parker ('Kathy')
Clough, David       [mentioned in the text only]
Coats, R Morris [Prof]
Coats, Richard Morris ('Morris') [Prof]
Cohen, Edward S
Cohen, Lloyd R
Colby, Frank G [ Dr PhD]
Colvin, Bobby       [mentioned in the text only]
Congleton, Roger D [Prof]
Congleton, Roger [Prof]
Connolly, Gregory N
Contant, Jaques
Cosentino, Anthony M
Coughlin, Mary
Crammer, Paul
Crandall, Candace C
Crew, Michael A [Prof ]
Crew, Michael [Prof ]
Curren, Wendy       [mentioned in the text only]
Cushman, Charles (Chuck)

General concepts

cash-for-comment economists network
cash-for-comment economists
cash-for-comments witness list

Organisation Acronyms & Abbreviations

COURSE Consortium

Organizations & Misc.

Californians Against Regulatory Excess
cash-for-comment economists
Castano Case
Center for Behavioral Analysis of Policy Issues
Center for Law and Social Policy
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Chase Econometrics
Circulation Experti
Citizens for Reagan
Citizens for Tax Justice
Citizens for the Republic
Clayton Environmental Consultants
Clean Air Associates
Coalition for Affordable Sports and Entertainment
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Coalition to Eliminate Abusive Securities Suits
Code Consultants Inc.
Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
Committee on Taxation and Economic Growth
Conservative Action Group
Consolidated Services Inc
Consultox Ltd
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Contract Research Center
Corporate Congressional Action Committee
Council for World Freedom (US)

Studies, Journals, Plans and Conferences

Chase Econometrics Studies