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D Stuart Watterton    

A long-term tobacco executive with British American Tobacco, who strted out in production management and rose to become head of Corporate Affairs in the UK, before becoming Manager in Malaysia and the chief-executive of the company's WD & HO Wills subsidiary in Australia.


The name "Stuart Watterton" turns up in 1729 documents in the tobacco archives, mainly those of Brown & Williamson and British-American Tobacco. He appears to have been working in Malaysia and Nigeria, early in his career dealing with technical matters.

In August 1980 he moves to a new position where he is dealling with the European Community and Scandinavia. By 1994 he is in charge of BAT's corporate affairs (with David Bacon and Chris Proctor below him) and also its legal department (which put him over Nick Cannar, who ran BAT's document destruction program)

1977 May 27: (earliest in archives) BAT document. He appears to be working with Malaysia Tobacco Company which has a royalty agreement with BAT

1980 Aug: He moves to a new position in BAT Millbank (UK) where he deals with the European Community and Scandinavia.

1993 Nov 24: David Bacon writes to him. He wants to know about then WHO (World Health Organization) booklet.
    BAT has made a donation to Social Affairs Unit and Digby Anderson to support the publication of Tollison's anti-WHO booklet. ["Who Benefits from WHO"] Bacon explains that Paul Dietrich was supposed to write this but "his services were dispensed with") Tollison and Anderson got together at a "joint BAT-PMI journalist's briefing in Venezuela".

1994: Organisational chart has him as the Director of a division dealing with Tobacco Tax and Corporate Affairs. He has David Bacon immediately below him, and Chris Proctor below Bacon.

1995 Mar: Watterton has been memoing David Bacon (BAT - Corporate Affairs Mgr) about "the new smoking issues communication plan" for East Europe.

    He is listed as a "Director with responsibility for corporate affairs, smoking issues, and legal departments. He would therefore have been David Bacon's superior.

1996 Oct: He is to attend a seminar on Smoking & Health run by lawyers Shook Hardy & Bacon in Kansas City,

2000: He is Managing Director of Rothmans Malaysia which has a manufacturing agreement with the Malaysian Tobacco Co