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John H Sorrells     [Jr ]    

(aka Sorrell)

A public-relations operator from Burson-Marsteller who came over to Philip Morris (end of 1994) to work under Victor Han in the Worldwide Regulatory Affairs. He worked out of the Washington office of the WRO.


He came over to Philip Morris from Burson Marsteller.

1994 Nov: Steve Parrish names Tony Andrade VP WRA PMMC effective 1/1/95. Reporting to Tony are Ted Lattanzio, Matt Winokur, Jan Goodheart, Mary Pottorff and Mayada Logue. Names Clare Purcell reporting to Steve Parrish and Jack Lenzi reporting to Vic Han. ("I am missing Ellis Woodward's and John Sorrells' announcements [reporting to Vic Han] as well, but they would have fallen in this time period.")

1995 Jan 19: Restructuring of PM Managment Corp. Sorrells would be reporting to Victor C Han, who was Director, Communications Worldwide Regulatory Affairs.

Mr. John H. Sorrells, Jr. has been appointed Manager, Communications, WRA.

    John will be responsible for developing and managing communications and public relations programs to address the tobacco, health and enviromnental issues on a regulatory and legislative basis, with a focus on Washington and the Washington-based media.

    Previously, John was a Viee President at Burson-Marsteller. John will be working out of the Washington Relations Office and his appoininent is effective immediately.

1996 March: He is organising op-eds to be written against OSHA rules

1993 Jan: The D-Day Project run by Tom Humber at B-M for PM. This is the pre-emptive strike at EPA in January when they release their Risk Assessment on ETS. The venue for the project meetings is at PM's Washington office
    Team included:
    • Parrish, Borelli, and Han from Philip Morris
    • Humber, Velenovsky, Leavell, Sorrells, and Schippers from Burson-Marsteller
    • Dreyer, and Davis from Shook Hardy & Bacon
    • Frisch, a video producter

1997 February 11: The 1997 Budget for Philip Morris Companies, Inc, has him listed for distribution on staff at the third 'operative' level. Vic Han or Ellis Woodward are above him.

1998 Oct: Involved in 'Australian training course' [2072521835/1836]