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    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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James J (Jim) Morgan    

The 'marketing whiz' behind Marlboro at Philip Morris. Geoff Bible named him president and CEO of Philip Morris USA on the retirement of Bill Campbell.


Morgan appears to have been a better manager than he was a lobbyist or conspirator. His role in the company seems to have focused on the management aspects rather than on strategic decisions on the issues of smoking and health.

However as a top-line manager working under Geoff Bible, he was certain to be involved in many of the scams they undertook at about this time.

1980 Mar 24: Exec Vice President at PM

1988 Oct 21: Memo from PM's Rick Stirlen to Leo Burnett advertising agency: "Based on the attached memo from Jim Morgan there continues to be interest in exploring a worldwide agreement with the Murdoch people. [Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd]

    Since the involvement in PM USA is limited to their print and new FSI operation [Food Service Industry??], I would like to develop a summary of our current 1988 and 1989 planned level of activity [with News Ltd publications].

    Also, I would appreciate any thoughts you might have regarding "non-rate card interests" we might have with any of their properties. [The information needed to be given to Jim by November 14 — they must have been in discussion with News Ltd shortly after]

1989 Feb 5: Diana Avedon (Tobacco Institute) reports to Walter Woodstone and mentions the possibility of HBI doing a test in Wake County NC. [The first dated mention of the new name HBI]
    She also remarks "Per Morgan request, overnighted info. to R. Price (WV) [West Virginia rep] on HBI — Possible building study to keep legislature from
    banning smoking in chambers/"

1993 Dec: The 1994 PM WRA Communications Plan suggests
    "Develop story lines, interview opportunities for Geoff Bible, Bill Campbell, and
    Jim Morgan with business publications, i.e., 'Competing With Yourself'"

1995 Jan: PM USA Presentation to Corporate Management Committee [2048353604]

1995 Feb 17: FDA Mobilization Options memo:

Prepare a high quality letter from Jim Morgan or Ellen Merlo also to provide PM's position on the issue to high quality contacts (suppliers, key customers)

1995 Mar 20:: PM Corp Affairs Daily Topics Geoff Bible named him president and CEO of Philip Morris USA, succeeding retiring CEO Bill Campbell. He is a 'marketing whiz" - behind Marlboro

1995 Jun 8: He was PMUSA's CEO during product recall of 8 billion cigarettes [2500118021]

1997 Apr 23: At the Philip Morris Board of Directors Dinner at Jefferson Hotel, Sea Island with his wife Sally

1997 Jul 28: On PM Corp Affairs e-mail list [2070385900]

2000 March: On the AG&M listing of those responsible in the West Virginia Class Action: MORGAN, JAMES J. — Former CEO and President, Philip Morris.