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National Smokers Alliance
David K McCloud
Tom Bell

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J William (Bill) Lauderback    

(misspelling Lauderbach)

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Gas and Petroleum Technology, US Department of Energy who, in 1993, was being recruted to head Philip Morris's National Smokers' Alliance. He became Executive VP of the American Conservative Union instead.

His Puff-piece time line shows:

  • Vice President of Operations at Bonner & Associates in Washington, DC.

  • Vice President for Governmental Affairs of Texas Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association

1980 Texas Coordinator for Democrats and Independents for Reagan/Bush, and on the drafting team for the Energy Plank of the 1980 National Republican Platform

  • Executive Director of the Texas Department of Commerce. He managed an annual budget in excess of $320 million and a staff of 320.

1989 - 93 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Gas & Petroleum Technology in the U.S. Department of Energy during the George H. W. Bush administration. He administered an $80 million annual research budget focused primarily on oil and gas extraction and geophysical detection technologies.

1994 Deputy Campaign Manager for US Senator Bill Frist.


Don't confuse with John H Lauderbach (sic) of B&W.

1993 Sep 17: NSA Weekly Report to PM. Tom Bell and McCloud are recruiting onto the Board of Advisors:
    • ex-Representative Guy Vander Jagt (R-MI)
    • ex Rep Bill Lowery (R-CA)
    • ex Rep Ray Kogovsek (D-CO)
    • William Althaus, mayor or York, Penn
    Under consideration
    • ex Rep Mickey Edwards (R-OK)
    • ex Rep Craig James (R-FL)
    • ex Sentor Robert Kassens (R-WI)
    Also William Lauderback, ex Dep. Ass Sec for Gas and Petroleum Technology, US Department of Energy, meeting to discuss him serving as permanent Executive Director of NSA.
[Note: He doesn't appear to have joined them, but ran Bill Frist's senatorial campaign instead.]

1997 Sept 9: The Deposition of Kenneth Hoagland in State of Texas vs. the American Tobacco Co, et al mentions him (name spelled Lauderbach). Hoagland was his initial contact.

    Hoagland was an independent political consultant doing 'grassroots' lobbying for Texans for Lawsuit Reform. He also ran the Austin branch of State Affairs Company until Sep 1996 (which had Texans for Lawsuit Reform as a client)
    He had been hired by State Affairs company to find members of the Advisory Board of the National Smoker's Alliance.

2007: Executive Vice President of the American Conservative Union, http://www.conservative.org/about/staff/billlauderback.asp



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