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WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Death in the West
Donald S Harris
Paul Maglione
whitecoats & moles

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Michael D (Mike) Horst    

Philip Morris International's EEC regional staffer in charge of recruiting scientists. He was also the PM EEC representative on various tobacco coalition committees.

Horst was Philip Morris's Corporate Affairs man in Europe (attached to PM EEC), given responsibility for recruiting scientists to act as WhiteCoats. In 1990 he was listed as Vice President and Chief Advisor in Brussels. In this position he was working under Andrew Whist who ran the Corporate Affairs division [the main disinformtion section] out of New York.

This is the second line

1985 Sep 26: "Death in the West" TV program. A [still confidential] telex to Don Harris [Andrew Whist's offsider] at PM Corporate Affairs in New York deals with "Veronica Television" and PM inhouse EEC lawyer Hugh Brass's "Reflected thoughts and opinions regarding Thames TV film copyright issue."

A few years before Philip Morris had blocked the distribution of the Thames TV-produced documentary "Death in the West" which featured the imminent lung-cancer death of a Marlboro Man (from the ads). Now this Dutch company "Veronica" was making a documentary about both the making and suppression of the "Death" film.

1985 Sep 27.: After being threatened by Philip Morris in 1976, Thames TV had settled the original case out of court, and also agreed not to show 'Death in the West."

    The Dutch company, Veronica Films was now planning to air a documentary on the making of "Death in the West" which would have included some clips from the film.

1985 Oct 3: English version of the letter sent to Veronica Films MD threatening them with action over the copyright of the clips they were planning to use. ++++

1985 Oct 4: It appears that there were confidential clauses in the agreement between Thames TV and Philip Morris. [Still unknown]

1985 Oct 11: Horst sends his answers to a series of questions (those that may be raised by the Veronica executives) to New York for clearance. They also want to know how Veronica obtained a copy of the confidential agreement with Thames.

1985 Oct 14: New York's answers to the questions clearance, made the point that the agreement also included the destruction of all copies of the film

1985 Oct 16: A cable from Whist to Horst reads:
    KINDEST REGARDS, ANDREW WHIST (a hand note to secretary reads "File Death-NL" It appears as if they succeeded.

1986 Mar: 4-7 PM Corporate Arrairs Conference with Whist, Dollisson, Murray, Murdoch + editors.

1989 July 11: This is a report on the WhiteCoats program showing the success of recruitment in the EEC region with 45 of the total 70 scientists recruited. They are earning "$15,000 to $20,000 per year on average". The credit for the work in the EEC region goes to Horst and his offsider Paul Maglione

1990 May: PM International Corporate Affairs management structure lists him as Vice President, and Chief Advisor in Brussels, with a staff including R May, IC Sargeant, P Maglione. Geoffrey Giscard d'Estaign (Nephew of Valerie) was on his staff under Maglione. Herman Gaisch was also on staff

1990 Oct 1: Announcement that Philip Morris EEC's Corporate Affairs headquarters will relocated to Brussels, and Wirz will become Issues coordinator.
    They have created a faux-company/division Philip Morris Corporate Services Inc. headed by Michael Horst (who still retaines his PM EEC position and reports to Walter Thoma) with managment staff Ian Sargeant, Reudiger May, Paul Maglione, Jacques Constant.
    Now President Philip Morris Corporate Services — but also — retains his current posiiton of Vice President Corporate Affairs EEC Region. He has staff Ian Sargeant (Director Corproate Affairs Policies/Programs)

1990 Oct: PM is restructured. Horst, who had been VP Corporate Affairs under Walter Thoma, now took charge of the EEC region with a staff of 32. and He was listed in the corporate charts as Chief Advisor, and his Corporate Affairs division moved to Brussels. (See 1990 PM EEC Corporate Affairs structure p6)

    His sub-managers were Dr R May (Public Affairs) IC Sargeant (Policies & Programs) and Paul Maglione (Communications)

1990 Nov 12: Listed as a Philip Morris manager dealing with "Smoking Issues"

1990 Nov 27: Horst is on the International Public Affairs Committee of INFOTAB. He is now President of PM Corporate Services Inc. for the EEC region, while Stig Carlson is Director of Corporate Affairs for PM EEMA

1995: PM Corporate Affairs World conference speaker/biog notes

1987 May: PM in-house executive lobbyist. Here Philip Morris has made some sort of breakthrough in getting access to the Gulf Cooperation Council (of Arab nations) The other major tobacco companies are willing to cooperate. David Morse (of Surrey & Morse) is being used to get some political contacts.



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