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WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Jasper Hollom

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Peter F Carter-Ruck    

A London solicitor with the reputation of taking an "attack-dog approach to reputational management issues" on behalf of his corporate clients. He died in 2003.

Peter Carter-Ruck & Partners, solicitors took out a 'super-injunction on the reporting of the company Trafigura, which paid out many hundreds of millions in compensation to the city of Abidjam on the Africa Ivory Coast for dumping of toxic waste. Individuals who had been injured got $1000 or so. And the reporting of all stories was surpressed - even questions that had been asked in the UK House of Commons.

The effect of this unprecedented injunction was overturned by mass twigging and blogging on the Internet in Sept 2009.

    The company claims to have offices in Glascow, Jersey, Hong Kong, Manchester, Paris and San Francisco.

Note: The following documents were all held by British American Tobacco. Replies were from Sir Jasper Hollom who was chairman of Gresham Trust, which owned 20% of Film Finances, and is itself owned by BAT. Eagle Star appers to be a film completion insurance company owned by BAT via Gresham Trust.

This involves other directors trying to wriest control from the company's former chairman Robert Garrett - then forcing him to resign. The British House of Commons had a call for Sir Jasper's resignation over this affair.

Jasper Hollom first appears in BAT documents in June 1967, and there are nearly a thousand documents found by a "Hollom" search.

1987 Mar 2: The company writes to Gresham Trust plc on behalf of US investment banker Edward E Strickland, who is a friend of Mrs Nora Smith (of Smith & Others v. Croft & Others court case). She wanted to settle with Gresham Trust/Film Finances Ltd. There apepars to be an implied threat of turning the Tax Department loose on them.

1987 Mar 24: His company is involved in some dispute over the legal case "Smith & Others v. Croft & Others, which appears to be a film finance dispute (Perhaps linked to Philip Morris's "Death in the West Action") Gresham Trust is also involved in some remote way. [Actually it is Eagle Star Insurance Co Ltd]

1987 Mar 26: He writes to Sir Jasper, to say the recent publicity was not from their clients.

1987 Apr 30: PC-R is now asking what would Hollom pay to buy his clients shares in Film Finances.

1987 May 8: Hollom replies that Eagle Star isn't interested in shares

1987 May 20: Peter Carter-Ruck now spells out the threat in detail. ++++

1987 May 26: Exchange of notes from IM MacInnes to Nicholas Brooks (Eagle Star)

1987 May 28: Newspaper breaks story "Hollom set to face shareholder quiz" from London Daily News. It mentions a Companies Act breach, and quotes from his letters. Sir Jasper is chairman of the 'Takeover Panel' - and the complaint appears to deal with Gresham Trust illegally buying its own shares.


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