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    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Gregory Niles Connolly    

(aka Conolly and Connoly)

Gregory Connolly was an anti-smoking activist, a lecturer in dentistry, and public health administrator who worked on tobacco control programs in Massachusettes. He was seen as an expert in this field by the World Health Organisation.

1981–89: Director, Office for Nonsmoking and Health, Massachusettes Department of Health in Boston.

1987: He serves on many of the major anti-smoking committees:

  • World Health Organization, Chairman, Study Group on Smokeless Tobacco
  • Member, Expert Advisory Panel on Smoking and Health
  • Chairman, Study Group on Smokeless Tobacco
  • Member, Expert Advisory Panel on Smoking and Health

1988 /E: He has prepared a report "The American Liberation of the Japanese Cigarette Market" which describes how the American companies act intenationally with the help of the American government agencies and administration to gain entry into foreign markets.

    It particularly damns the agricultural and trade agencies, and details how these international trade wars are conducted — with absolutely no attention being given to the health consequences of the trade.

1988: His C/V is on file at the Tobacco Institute [part of their 'know your enemy database] which shows a lifetime of non-smoking and public health activities:

1988 Mar 1: Matt Swetonic of Hill & Knowlton is coorodinating the PR for the introduction of RJ Reynold's new Premier product (aka Spa and Eclipse)
    He is being told in this memo that Greg Connolly has been sending anti-Premier material to the "scientist' who also serves as the Austrian minister for health. They anticipate that he will challenge the introduction of this product in the USA.

1999 March 11: The Weinberg Group [notorious scientific recruitment company] is recruiting speakers and sponsors for a Philip Morris Research Center (secret) conference. Obviously Philip Morris do not want their involvement to be known. His Weinberg letter/contract spells out that:

The next phase of the proposed program involves identifying and recruiting : (1 ) an overall sponsor for a two-day meeting on evaluating proposed changes in cigarette design ; (2) a sponsoring institution and locale for the meeting...

    Our first steps will involve attempting to recruit an overall sponsor and a sponsoring institution for the meeting. Our primary target sponsor for the meeting is the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program (MTCP) , with direct participation in the meeting by Dr Gregory Connolly, Director of the Program. We will attempt to enlist the MTCP's participation through contacts with Dr Connolly.

    Our primary target sponsoring institution is Harvard University; we will attempt to enlist Harvard through contacts with Dr John D Graham at the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis [HCRA]. We do not intend to recruit potential meeting participants, including an "opener" and "closer', until an appropriate sponsor and sponsoring institution are in place.

    Currently, we anticipate proposing Louis Sullivan , Roger McClellan , Gilbert Omenn , and Gary Williams as potential "openers," and Neil Benowitz as a potential "closer." If we can obtain agreement from Dr Connolly on our proposed "closer" we will begin discussions with Dr Benowitz concerning his potential participation in the meeting. However, we will not begin to recruit other potential participants prior to discussions with you concerning proposed options and strategies.



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