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International Republican Institute
Black Manafort Stone and Kelly

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Mary Coughlin    

Philip Morris USA Media Affairs manager. She worked under Karen Daragan in the Media Affairs unit which was originally run by David Laufer, Director of Communications and later by Ellen Merlo. Despite the innocuous-sounding name for this unit, it was actively involved in lobbying and recruitment of associates in many on-going battles against the anti-smoking forces.


'Mary Coghlin' registers 602 hits in the tobacco archives, even without the variations on the name [or the possible name change — see below]

She joined the Philip Morris USA as Manager, Media Affairs in December 1994. She had been recruited from her previous position at the International Republican Institute (IRI) where she served as Assistant Director of Public Affairs, then Director of Field Operations (Sep 1991 to Dec 1994).

Before that, she had been with the notorious Republican lobbyshop Black Manafort Stone and Kelly as a media specialist (1987 to 1991). She had joined this company directly after leaving Virginia Tech University with a degree in communications, which suggests strong Republican party family connections.

The term "Media Manager" in Philip Morris extended to the placement of billboards at sports arenas, and becoming intimately embroiled in the New York City Council's war on smoking in restaurants.

The last reference to 'Mary Coughlin' in the tobacco archives lists her involved in the Communications Center Staffing on September 9 1998 for a major OSHA smoking-in-workplace announcement.

However there is continuity between the names Mary Coughlin and Mary Carnovale occupying the same position with the same title (and the files for both are listed in the office of Mary Carnovale). We assume that she now chose to use her married [or single] name.

Mary Carnovale was still listed as a spokewoman for PM USA in September 2005.


It appears as if Mary Coughlin and Mary Carnovale are the same person. They occupied the same jobs, successively, under Karen Daragan, and there is no cross-over in the two names except for one document in mid-1997 where both names are used in the document.

1994 Dec: Brief C/V giving her earlier details

1995 /E: [date incorrect in index] The heirarchy of Philip Morris USA's Media Affairs Department

1995 Jan 30: /E Burson-Marstellar aren't inclined to give up the New York City smoking-ban project, and suggests to Mary Couglin and Tara Carraro [both with PM USA's Media Affairs] that they begin a long-term campaign.

1998 Sep 8: Communications Center staffing arrangments for an OSHA announcement. She is now under the domestic company's Corporate Affairs Department. Her job is recorded as:

responsible for developing and directing media activities to support the company's business goals. She also coordinates the activities of PM USA's public relations consultants.

Mary EC Carnovale

2005 Sep 8: Tom Borelli's email lists 'Mary Carnovale' as the 'spokeswoman for Philip Morris USA)