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    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Ferdi Breidbach    


A front-line Smoking & Health operator for Philip Morris International's EEC division, under Andrew Whist's Corporate Affairs. He was generally based in Germany in the 1987-199 period and worked on countering anti-smoking disinformtion activities.

Director of Information and "Offentlichkeitsarbelt" (Public Affairs?) under the famed PMG (german) boss Gunter Wille.

1985 Aug 28: He has denied that a substance known as diethylene glycol (DG) was in Philip Morris cigarettes (banned), but Nature published an article saying that it was detected in a number of different brands, inluding those of PMG.

1986 May 25: The German division of Philip Morris (PMG) is taking six parliamentarians, all members of the Youth, Family & Health Committee of the German Diet, on a junket to New Orleans.

1986 Mar: 4-7 He is sufficiently involved in the tobacco industry's disinformation campaigns to be invited to the Philip Morris Corporate Affairs Conference with Whist, Dollisson, Murray, Rupert Murdoch and Mudoch's News Limited editors. He is with the European Economic Community division. (PM EEC)

1990 Aug: He is being billed for HBI work "done in connection with the Harris Research opinion poll done in Germany ($23k)"

1990 Oct: Front-line operator for Philip Morris on Smoking & Health issues. He is the S&H man on the PM Interntional staff based in Germany

1991 Feb 1: On PM Europe e-mail list for S&H announcements

1991 Feb 19: HBI are billing John Rupp at Covington & Burling six days at $1260 per day = $7,500 + $10,000 airfares and expenses - for a flying tour of Europe. Paris, Milan, Munich, Helsinki, Stockhom, and back to USA.

1997 May: He has set up as an independent consultant, "after the tragic death of Gunther Wille". He is flogging a technique of detecting counterfeit money.