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CREATED 11/7/2010

WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Jack Wiseman    

— A UK York University economist, closely associated with Robert Tollison through George Mason University's Center for the Study of Public Choice. However Wiseman appears to have operating independently for the tobacco industry outside Tollison's economists' network. He also worked for ICOSI/INFOTAB in Europe —  

Some key documents

1979 July: BAT document; "Notes for PJ Rackham" about a list of academics that ICOSI would wish to call upon:

The plan is that ICOSI will sponsor a project with the prime intention of developing an industry stance on the issue of the Social Costs of Smoking. A man called George Berman who works for Philip Morris in the United States will be the co-ordinator of this project. His intention is to call upon a variety of American academics who will investigate the issue from a variety of academic standpoints.

    Obviously any conclusions they reach will tend to be biased towards the situation in the United States. In order to give the project an international flavour it has been proposed that in a variety of countries the Industry would retain a small group of academics who would receive Mr. Berman's material from the United States. Those for the UK are:

  • Peter Bauer — London School of Economics
  • Stephen Littlechild — University of Birmingham
  • Charles Rowley — University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  • Jack Wiseman — York University
  • David Martin — London School of Economics
  • Anthony Flew — Reading University
Specifically I think Don is looking for any knowledge that we may have of these people and our agreement that they are acceptable to us as people who can work on such sensitive information . Further there may well be the occasional need for these people to act as spokesmen for us ...

1984 Apr 12: Minutes of the Middle East Working Group (combined European tobacco companies) meeting in Geneva. The minutes note that the Chairman would send all members copies of:

  1. "Principles of Public Policy Relevant to Smoking" by Professor Stephen Littlechild of the University of Birmingham and Professor Jack Wiseman of the University of York. This had appeared in the Journal of the Policy Studies Institute of London.
  2. "A Guide to Measurement of the Economic Impact of the Tobacco Industry on a National Economy". This had been prepared for INFOTAB in June 1982 by Professor Ingo Walter, Professor of Economics and Finance, Graduate School of Business Administration, New York University.

1985 Dec: The Annual Report of the Center for the Study of Public Choice at the George Mason University.

The Center for Study of Public Choice is an integral part of George Mason University [Rubbish! ... it was a privately run for-profit think-tank]. While maintaining its separate identity, the Center staff is part of the George Mason Economics Department. As such, the university budget covers the salaries of the permanent Center staff and minimal operating expenditures. Excluding the physical facility which houses the Center, St. George's Hall, general university support in 1984 additionally amounted to some $500,000 on an annual basis.

    Center activities extend beyond those supported by the university. Funds for summer and release-time research, guest lecturers, visiting scholars, graduate students, and for supplemental travel and operating expenses have been provided by external supporters. External support in 1985 summed to approximately $300,000. These funds were provided by numerous external supporters, to whom we are very grateful for their sustained support over the years.

    [One of those generous supporters was the tobacco industry — and, in return, they were provided with the administrative and organizational services of the Center — both to create cash-for-comments lists of academics, and to act as a front for seminars, conferences, and the production of published material.
  • The nominal director of the Center was James Buchanan,
  • Robert Tollison actually ran the operation — certainly that part which became an arm of the tobacco industry.
  • Elizabeth A Masaitis and Carol M Robert were employed as secretaries at the Center
  • Dwight Lee and William Shughart were both Research Associates.
  • They all worked with Anna Tollison and
  • James Savarese & Associates in organising and running the economists network for the Tobacco Institute.
Other economists associated with the Center as graduate students or research associates also became recruited into this cash-for-comments network [and most are well-known in other far-right-wing influence organisations].
  • Gary Anderson, University of Rhode Island
  • Wayne Brough, University of Central Florida
  • Samson Kimenyi, (University of Mississippi later)
  • Jack Wiseman, University of York, England
        — a renowned contributor to public finance and public sector economics, now dedicated to integrating public choice with Austrian economics, and a valued friend of the Center.


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