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    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Ira Singer     [ Dr]    


1966 Feb 23: He is Secretary for the Committee for Research on Tobacco and Health — the collaboratio of the tobacco industry and the American Medical Association [the AMA-ERF]

1968 Jan 30: [In the 1969 Except from Memo from Janet Brown to Hetsko dated 4/3/68 entitled "Meeting of Ramm, Smith, Yeaman and Grant, Monday March 25 1968 at the Offices of Philip Morris" ] The memo had numerous entries:

  1. [cut off]
  2. Ramm distributed copies of "Summary minutes," sent him by Ira Singer, of your January 3 1966 meeting with the AMA Committee for Research on n Tobacco arl4 Health. Your copy is attached.
  3. Dr Little stated that William Lawrence, a science writer who has won two Pulitzer Prizes, will come into the CTR offices and see what can be done about writing up the more interesting research being conducted by CTR grantees.
  4. Ramm waved so papers about — apparently sent by Singer — which he said requested financial assistance for some project in Germany that was doing work on some type "aluminum filter." No one expressed any interest and Henry put the papers back in his brief case.
  5. Grant stated his Company was "ready to go" on "the AMA." Ramm said he saw "no reason not to send the letter" in "its present form," forthwith. [Following the True magazine article]

1978 Oct 6: Report on a Congressional hearings on Smoking & Health. Dr Hockett had appeared and denied any links between cigarettes and diseases. Congressman Waxman was quizzing Dr. Gio Gori, Then Dr Robert Hunter and Dr Ira Singer from the AMA made a few vague statements. They said that the AMA ERF money had been given with no strings. They also thought there was a link between smoking and emphysema, and maybe with some cancerous and pulmonary conditons ... but were obviously very vague.

  1. Although some non-smokers may experience an emotional response to smoking, there is less physical danger of inhaling side-stream smoke than there is in breathing the smog in Los Angeles (Congressman Waxman's district).
  2. There is probably a relationship between smoking and small airways disease, but this disease, regardless of what it is called, is a type of emphysema, caused by the loss of elasticity of the air sacs. The relationship between emphysema and smoking has been known for some time.
  3. There is, in both Dr Hunter's medical judgement as well as in clinical evidence, a relationship between smoking and numerous diseases of a pulmonary and cancerous nature.