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CREATED 4/15/2010

WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
    Please read the OVERVIEW carefully, and make up your own mind.



Healthy Buildings Ltd
ACVA (1981—1986)
Gray Robertson
Stig G Carlson
C-G Petersson




REDAB Properties    

Some key documents

    A UK property development company owned (or controlled) by Carl-Gustav Pettersson and his wife (He had been the manager of Swedish development company NISSES). Redab retained its links to Health Buildings International (run by Gray Robertson, with tobacco industry links) right through the two decades following Pettersson's take over of the company.

1989 Mar 28: Monthly Activities Report on the Philip Morris subsidiary, FTR. [English cleaned up to make it more understandable] It reports on a meeting held on the 3rd March at Lausanne with tobacco industry representatives Chuck Lister (C&B), C Robinson and Bernie Robinson, and Paul Maglione.

    This meeting included the presentation of a 'cooperative action plan' by HIROSS and NISSES [to Philip Morris]. These two construction/building outfitting companies were represented by:

  • Fernando H Fuenzalida, of HIROSS Holdings Ltd.
  • Carl-Gustav Pettersson, REDAB for NISSES AB.
Introductory information to the history: HIROSS was, in the beginning, together with [part of??] Atlas Copco, located in the UK and Italy, and specialised in treating compressed air and conditioning computer rooms.

    They have now some 50 installations in Europe and the Far East. After a management buy-out, the holding company was formed which comprises
    installations in Austria (Gross Enzersdorf, Mr Hauser), Buffalo, NY. and Geneva, Switzerland (Chemin des Pompes) .

    The research center is located in Italy (ICECO S.P.A. in Padova).

    The NISSES company has also split apart and reshuffled itself and comprises now ALVIK STRAND, MILLBANK and NISSES UK. Pettersson heads a consulting firm, (which belongs to him and his wife) REDAB and splits up into 3 different
    sub-enterprises. [His professional address is at Lidingoe.]

    Points of discussion were :
  1. The concern of both [NISSES/REDAB and HIROSS] that ACVA intends (or has made) a contract with FLAEKT (a largest ventilation company in Sweden, biggest competitor and not a close friend). To their view, ACVA should stay independent. FLAEKT emanated out of [was a subsidiary of a gigantic Swiss multinational engineering firm] Brown Boveri .
  2. The involvement of PM in the Healthy Buildings-88 conference and their committment to the cooperation with TCO (leading white-collar union in Sweden). They said that PM should play the game more [openly] and should not always hide. One [suggestion was for] PM to have a specimen house built where the air quality was even better with smoking than in other situations without.
  3. Presentation of a program paper [agenda], comprising (mutual) funding of the following projects [by all parties]:
    • Follow-up of the HB-88 [conference with] newspaper inserts prepared in cooperation with the TCO.
    • Production of a video describing the "Flexible Space System" (ventilation system used by HIROSS).
    • [Joint] Conference participation: High-Tech Building Conference in London, June 1989, [and the conference on] IAQ. Toronto, July/August 1990.
    • [Mount] One-day Healthy Buildings Conferences throughout Europe [four before] September 1990 — in UK, Germany, Spain and France.
    • [Create a special] IAQ conference June/August 1990, for the information of various European trade unions, possibly hosted by TCO.
    • Joint development project with PM specialists to improve the filter performance of the HIROSS system with a view to [removing more of the] cigarette smoke components.
    • [Mount a] Marketing study for the use of ventilation systems together with [research companies like] AD Little or Booz, Allen & Hamilton.
    • [Joint] Definition and development of IAQ standards.[To replace the ASHRAE standards, used worldwide.]
    • Presentation of the "Flexible Space System" to senior facility managers. (HIROSS planned for [designed for] AMEXCO in Hong Kong a system which was then refused [rejected] by some US based director because of lack of information).

2010: Pettersson is Managing Director of REDAB Properties PLC, a Swedish company based in London. He has been a director of the company since 1989. [The company appears to have been in operation since 1984] Redab is still promoting Healthy Buildings International.

2010: See this REDAB site which features the HBI logo, and promotes the concepts:

To be competitive in today's business environment requires strategic planning to sustain growth, independent research has shown that high quality indoor working environments can increase end user performance through improved production.
  • Improved air movement reduces employee absenteeism
  • Superior quality air reduces risk of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)
  • Staff turnover (churn rates) reduced
  • A stress-free working environment



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