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William (Bill) Primarvera    

— A tobacco industry lobbyist who also worked for the food industry. —  

Some key documents

Bill Primarvera, PR consultant for Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and friend and consultant to the tobacco industry's The Accommodation Program. He also put together the annual Food and Lifestyle Media Conference (for food & leisure writers and editors)

1993 Oct: {Winter 1993-94] The Steak House Gang News

It's time to let the good times roll again, according to trend analyst Faith Popcorn. In a recent issue of Vogue magazine, Popcorn coined a trademarked phrase: "Pleasure Revenge."

1993 Nov: /E PM USA Media Affairs Activity Report.

  • Agency coming in next week to finalize details and action plan based on 94 PR plan for smoking bans/accommodation. Plan includes sections on public opinion, economic impact, government intrusion, political correctness/pleasure revenge and The Accommodation Program.
  • 1994 Food and Lifestyle Media Conference sponsorship plans were finalized. The Accommodation Program will sponsor an "accommodation dinner" with a "fusion" food theme and separate smoking and non-smoking sections. Media Affairs will host the media at dinner. Gift bags will be assembled this week for distribution at dinner. They will include: press kit and PM Op. Cos.. food and promo items. Bill Primavera, restaurant consultant, and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse will also conduct mini-seminar on the program at the end of the general session day of dinner.

1994 Jan 11: (misdated 1993) From Karen Daragan to Ellen Merlo

As discussed, below is an outline of what we would like to work on with Faith Popcorn :
VNR (and other video use)_
  • We are working on a VNR, with Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Chain and The Beef Council, which will broaden the reach of the "pleasure revenge" news and publicize the new trend of indulgence and anti-politically correct behavior that Faith Popcorn has noticed and recently discussed in the press.
  • Potential soundbite : " People are fed up with self-deprivation in the name of health and politically correct behavior; we're sick of being perfect. In a decade marked predominantly by fear and cutting back....we want to cut loose again. That's why more people are smoking and drinking socially and just plain enjoying themselves." (DRAFT script attached.)
    Logistics: We will send a film crew over to Faith's office at her convenience to get a few soundbites on tape. (Probably won't take more than 30 - 45 minutes max.) We would like to do it ASAP while this is still newsworthy.

        Other uses for film and soundbites: The Accommodation Program is working on an Issues Bulletin video newsletter with ISRAE (Restaurant Executives). Faith's soundbites could be used in a future story on this subject. For this we would use the same footage we obtained for the VNR.

        Bonus for us: We have considered Ruth's Chris and The Beef Council as our third party sponsor of VNR. If Faith's company, Brain Reserve, is interested in sponsoring VNR (we will still pay costs) that might be even better. Sponsorship just means Reuters Television would be working on their behalf. If not, we will proceed as stated above.

    Bylined Opinion Piece
  • We would like to help syndicate (through an agency) a written
        piece on "the pleasure revenge" for distribution to dailies and
        weeklies authored by Faith Popcorn to further broaden reach .
        The piece can elaborate on the new indulgence trend and
        perhaps even plug her book.
    Logistics: If she prefers, we can have our writers draft a piece
        for Faith's signature or she can give us her own written piece
        that we can help shop around/merchandise through our

        Media Interviews
  • The above activities will potentially bring in media inquries and call for interview time on Faith's part.

    Speaking Engagement: International Food and Lifestyle Media Conference (Secondary Request. Realize timing and cost is a problem.)
  • Bill Primarvera, PR consultant for Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and friend and consultant to The Accommodation Program, is putting together his annual Food and Lifestyle'Media Conference (for f&L writers and editors from around the country) in February. He has made "Return to the Good Life" the theme of this three day media conference and he is interested in having Faith speak at a breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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