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Pacific Legal Foundation    


1973: right-wing group founded p33 ....(Mooney) to counter growing influence of Sierra Club, Environmental Defense fund, etc.

1973: California Chamber of Commerce created the Pacific Legal Foundation "to practice law on behalf of business interests [by the filing of] lawsuits to block environmental actions and thwart regulations." Coors used this as his model for the Mountain States Legal Foundation in 1976.

1981 Feb 10: The Tobacco Institute has contracted Nielsen & Dobbs as part of its Californian Outreach Program:

"Chip Nielsen will coordinate the applications of various TI member companies for membership in the California Manufacturers Association, California Taxpayers Assocition and, in the case of TI, the California Chamber of Commerce. Requests to company executives to be personally involved with such organizations will be encouraged, but because of the distance, Chip will discuss with the various organizations how we can participate in a meaningful manner without requiring executives to fly from the East Coast to attend regular meetings."

1983 May 23: Pacific Legal Foundation
    Sacramento oldest and largest conservative public interest firm, Income $2.5 m per year
    Meese, Edwin 3rd Presidents Counselor
    Zumbrun, Ronald A [TI11331512]
    Maintaining offices in Sacramento, Anchorage and Seattle, PLF was founded and is still led by
    Ron Zumbrun, with whom we (and, in particular, Mission Viejo) maintain a good working
    relationship. Zumbrun was formerly with the California Department of Public Works, the
    California Department of Social Welfare and the U.S. Department of Health, Education and

1990: PM gives $5k and Mission Viejo gave $10k

1991: In budget crisis $4m budget with 1/4m deficit. PM gives $10k and Mission Vieijo gave $12k

1993 Dec 28: Enlist support of think tanks such as Reason, Hoover, Heritage, Claremont, Pacific Legal to write op ed pieces ... [2021270515]

1994 (c): Marden's outline of PM support for Legal foundations (and histories)

1999 May: Wash Post: Scaife's first grants in this area (conservative public interest law movement) were made in 1974 to the Pacific Legal Foundation. In its early years Scaife kept the PLF alive. Since the mid-'70s more than $20 million in Scaife money has gone to the conservative public interest law movement "on behalf of a market-oriented economics system, traditional property rights and limited government," in the words of an internal memo written by a Scaife aide in December 1980.

As the oldest and one of the biggest of these enterprises, the PLF now has a full-time staff of 18 attorneys and a budget of $5 million a year. It has won numerous big cases in California, including decisions upholding ballot initiatives ending state aid to illegal immigrants, banning affirmative action and replacing bilingual education with immersion in English. It is active in the property rights area and has won cases limiting the states' ability to regulate or expropriate private property. In Keller v. California State Bar, the PLF established a legal precedent that California lawyers could challenge the use of their dues to the state bar for political purposes.

1999 Sep 14: (Sacremento) Listed as funded by PM - a Public Interest Legal Foundation [2083756168] Listed as Key 3rd party ally

1994/E: ["There are now upward of 150 [] but three, Pacific Legal Foundation, the National Legal Center for the Public Interest, and the Atlantic Legal Foundation, are supported by PM Companies or Kraft, and the Washington Legal Foundation draws funding from both (NOTE: DOESN'T MENTION ACLU) PUBLIC INTEREST LEGAL FOUNDATIONS 2078212268/2276]

1973: Founded as an advocate in the public interest. Began as an offshoot of the then-California Governor Reagan's efforts to reform the welfare system, when several attorneys from the state Justic Department realized that most of the legal wrangling surrounding the reform efforts involved public interest law firms that all represented a liberal political philosophy. Offices in Sacramento, Anchorage, and Seattle
    Founded and still led by Ron Zumbrun
    They worked closely with him over Mission Viejo - fighting a no-growth initiative to fight for developments
    It has several key issues and programs
    Judicial Responsibility Project
    College of Public Interest Law
    Limited Government Project
    Is running a deficit of about 0.25m on a $4m budget

1990: PM provide $5k + $10k from Mission Viejo

1991: PM provided $10k + $12k from Mission Viejo

1993: founded as an offshoot of the then-Calif Gov Reagan's efforts to reform the welfare system. Several attorneys from state Justices Dept realised they needed to counter liberal reform efforts. PUBLIC INTEREST LEGAL FOUNDATIONS
    [2078212268/2276] Has offices in Sacramento, Anchorage and Seattle
    PM has good relationship with Ron Zumbrun

PLF believes strongly in the use of litigation to impact the public policy agenda.

Has Center for Applied Jurisprudence which focused on commercial free speech issues and regulatory reform

    Mellor and Clint Bolick setting up the Institute for Justice in Washington - to include [] issues of particular interest to the business community.

1994 Sept: "a prime candidate for PM support"

    Lists Ed Meese and others as founders

1995 Dec: BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE [2061691158] PM gives them $25,000
    "RM (Roy Marden) knows Zumbrun well"

Other conservative policy organizations that have received considerable funding (i.e. $100,000 or more between 1995 and 2002) from the Castle Rock Foundation include many of those that receive funding from the other large conservative foundations. ....The foundation also provides financial assistance to the Mountain States Legal Foundation, the Pacific Legal Foundation, and the Landmark Legal Foundation, legal organizations that fight to safeguard individual liberties free enterprise and property rights from government regulation and control.

1990: Has a
    * Judicial Responsibility Project
    * College of Public Interest Law
    * Limited Government Project
    Nollan v Calif Coastal Commission (private property siezure) case was PLFs single most important history