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CREATED 11/5/2010


WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
    Please read the OVERVIEW carefully, and make up your own mind.



cash-for-comment marketing network
Richard J Semenik




Thomas C O'Guinn    

— A cash-for-comments academic from the business school at the University of Wisconsin. He was yet another who worked tirelessly for the tobacco industry trying to convince politicians that cigarette advertising was ineffective at recruiting children and new smokers. —  

Thomas O'Guinn, Chris T Allen and Richard J Semenik were three professors of advertising and marketing who all worked for the tobacco industry in different ways. But they came together to write and publish a book Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion which had a section explaining to the uninitiatated why tobacco advertising was completely ineffective at promoting cigarettes to young people and non-smokers.

Of course, if you weren't as smart (or as well paid) as these three 'experts', common sense might have convinced you that cigarette companies:

  • had customers who died prematurely, so
  • they had to recruit replacement smokers from somewhere, and
  • they were the most sophisticated marketing companies in the world, and
  • they spent hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising each per year.
... which perhaps added up to the layman's suggestion that advertising was at least a little bit more effective than the academic egg-heads maintained.

Some key documents

  • Professor of Marketing, Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

1982: PhD in Communications from the University of Texas at Austin

1993 April 20: Shook Hardy & Bacon are billing Brown & Williamson for their share in professional expenses for a trial case in the month of March. They charged for:

  • Draft memorandum regarding Professor Brinkley.
  • Review recent literature regarding peer influence and health decisions by children.
  • Prepare for and meet with Professor Semenik and Professor Danaher of New Zealand.
  • Telephone conference with Professor O'Guinn regarding advertising projects.
  • Review first set of supplemental awareness magazines and draft memorandum regarding additional historians.
  • Process and add magazines to magazine collection and update awareness database.

[Note the Professor Semenik was Richard J Semenik, co-author of a pro-tobacco-advertising book authored in the 1990s]

See page 133

2006: The book Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion by Thomas C O'Guinn, Chris T Allen and Richard J Semenik is now (2006) in its Fifth Edition. It carries in its pages a substantial chunk of pure tobacco industry propaganda about how ineffective advertising is in getting people to smoke.
[And if you believe this, you'll believe anything.]

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