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Freedom to Advertise Coalition




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John E O'Toole    

— Representative of the Advertising Agency Association and general lobbyist for the continuation of cigarette advertising. —  

Some key documents

Head of the Washington branch (the lobby side) of the American Advertising Agencies Association (AAAA)

1982 Mar 18: He is the Chairman of Foote, Cone & Belding Communications, and is on the record as making pro-industry statements attacking the Comprehensive Smoking Prevention Education Act at Congressional hearings

1987 Feb 17: Press Briefing by O'Toole as head of American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA). He has just taken the job after 32 years in agencies

Let me start by stating something very obvious but constantly forgotten in these debates. The subject is not cigarettes. The subject is not banning smoking. The subject is banning advertising. The subject is banning an industry's First Amendment right to free speech because we don't like that industry's product.

1987 May 5: Sam Chilcote (head of Tobacco Institute) memo to the Executive Committee re. tobacco advertising ban in Canada and the US and the Strategies and Programs that the TI has implemented to block them, He notes:

Coalitions and Expert Witnesses
  • Freedom toAdvertise Coalition (FAC), consisting of major, adivertising and magazine publishing trade associations (AAAA, AAF, ANA, MPA), plus the active assistance of the newspaper publishers (ANPA), as well as representatives of industries at risk.

        This.group serves principally in a lobbying-capacity but is considering sponsorship of advertising, press conferences and other publilc communications projects.

        Advertising trade association representatives including Len Matthews and John O'Toole (AAAA), Howard Bell (AAF) and Dewitt Helm (ANA), have been quite helpful in sponsoring witnesses, producing testimony, lobbying and producing statements for the news media.

        In addition, plans are being developed for a campaign to generate letters to 10 select Members of Congress from local advertising, publishing and promotion personnel.
  • The Committee for Affordable Sports and Entertainment (CASE)
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), American Bar Association (ABA), and other First Amendment groups including the Reporters' Committee for Freedom of the Press,
  • Freedom of Expression Foundation,

1988 Oct: Report on primary activites of the Tobacco Institute lists under the heading "Advertising Issues" [Page 15]

John O'Toole has been named to head the American Association of Advertising Agencies, replacing Len Matthews, effective the first of the year. O'Toole, former chairman of Foote, Cone and Belding and long associated with advertising Kent and other the Lorillard brands, has been executive vice president of the ad agency trade association in charge of the Washington, DC office. We are working with him on placement of op-ed pieces by ad agency CEO's.

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