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CREATED 2/27/2011


WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
    Please read the OVERVIEW carefully, and make up your own mind.






Jerome J Moyston    

— A BAT executive lobbyists active in the USA, UK and in Australia where he briefly took over the local Tobacco Institute. —  

BAT note issued at his [so-called] retirement in 1992

    Jerome Mostyn held a number of positions in BAT and over an extended number of years. First recruited in 1963 he spent time in a number of Central and South American territories — always carrying out his responsibilities in a reliable and solid manner. He left the Group for some eight years or so in the seventies before returning as Public Relations Executive.
    Subsequently he acted as Territorial Manager for Central and South America reporting to the BAT Director responsible for that region. In that role he coordinated across all territories on a host of administrative and operational matters and serviced his Director by filtering out those issues not of major relevance . Thus saving time and ensuring efficient support for the region.
    Tenacious but sensitive, efficient but with a good inter-personal style symbolises the input of Jerome . He did sometimes pursue administrative tidiness at the expense of time, but in his activity this was a welcome attribute.
    He is a suitable candidate for registration [by a headhunting firm] and carries with him a good record ofintegrity and commitment to the organisation .

Some key documents

1966 Oct 5: Jerome Mostyn is with Brown & Williamson in the USA. He appears to be in charge of brochure and advertising insert print production in various languages, using the services of Ted Bates & Company in New York for the American magazines. [Operation Reading]

1971 Dec: He is a B&W marketing manager, who is currently on leave in the UK.

1980 Nov 18 - 20: Latin American and Caribbean Public Affairs Conference. He is responsible for the conference administration, along with Billy Cruz. Moyston is also a keynote speaker:

Objectives of the Conference. World-wide developments of issues facing BAT and the industry. Showing of BBC TV "Panorama" programme. Given by Jerome Mostyn, Public Affairs Adviser, BAT. London.
He also spoke a number of other times on PR subjects.

1988 May 11: Moyston is "Territorial Manager" for BAT's operations in Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain.

He has wide experience in all aspects of advertising, having worked in the film business and in the media, selling time; in advertising agencies, as an Account Executive and General Manager; in production, running a film production company; with a pharmaceutical company as Advertising Manager and with BAT as Advertising Manager.

1991 Dec 9: He is giving a presentation at BAT Industries in the UK to Argentinian visitors.

1991 Dec 11: His last letter as Territorial Manager of Latin America. The Harvard Business School has asked ChileTobacos to provide a case-study.

1992 Feb 13: BAT replacement for Moyston writes to Nicaraguan Ambassador seeking a meeting sometime between March 9 and 26.

This would also be an excellent opportunity to introduce you to our Latin American team and also to bid farewell to Jerome Mostyn who is retiring, and who, as you know, has been associated with Central America for several years.

1992 Mar 26: Probable date of Moyston's retirement from BAT.

[He then reappears as the new CEO of Tobacco Institute of Australia (TIA)]

1992 Oct 16: Issues Manager, Ray Thornton at BAT, is coming to Australia in March 1993 for a conference. His visit is following a discussion with David Schechter about witness development. He will meet and brief Moyston and David Bacon, Martin Riodan, Tasman Wilson, and Clayton Utz.

1992 Dec: Jerome Moyston's press releases said (both) that:

  • he was "extremely disappointed" that the appeal had upheld Justice Morling's judgement about the TIA ads (in the AFCO case) being deceptive. [Clayton Uts 'lost' version]

  • he was "extremely pleased" that the TIA's appeal against the decision in the AFCO case had been upheld. [Clayton Utz 'won' version]

1992 Dec 3: Jerome Mostyn is still at TIA. However Reiner Jessurun and Steve Holle left the TIA "last friday" for obviously uncommunicatable reasons.

1992 Dec 11: Lawyer at Clayton Utz advising Donna Staunton at TIA
    She is finalising the workplace smoking brochure for AFCO release with TIA head Jerome Mostyn. Northrip of Shook Hardy & Bacon is in Australia

1992 Dec 14: AFCO Case; Q and Q Brochure cleared by lawyers. These have been settled in consultation with Jerome Mostyn, Glenn Eggeston, Bob Northrip and Maria McCrossin. We would appreciate any comments you may have in relation to the Q & As.

1992 Dec 17: Sharon Boyse says neither side won. Both claimed victory
    Stephen Woodward's comments (later sued in SLAPP case)

1993 Apr 2: Justice Sheppard warns Moyston and TIA about misleading claims in workplace smoking booklet and on radio - re ETS and asthmatics. Woodward also comments.

1993 June 25: Moyston has published a letter in the paper attacking MDSC packaging plans which greatly embarrased Graham Richardson because it claimed that Richardson supported the industry position. Democrats threatened to legislate to force him to act. He was furious and turned against the tobacco industry.

M Riordan (Wills) reports that Federal Health Minister, Senator Graham Richardson is very embarrassed by the report and this has seriously damaged the industry's relationship with him. He has also softened his position on the issue; it may also affect the degree to which Senator Richardson is able to influence the outcome of the whole issue.

    Following on the media coverage, the Australian Democrats have stated publicly that unless Senator Richardson moves to enforce the new health warning proposal immediately, they will introduce legislation to force him to do it. The AD's hold the balance of power in the Senate and were responsible for the banning of cigarette advertising in Australia. so they will be able to carry out their threat.

1993 July 5: Tony Johnson of Wills tells David Bacon of BAT that Moyston has been forced out of TIA by Philip Morris and Rothmans. He will leave at the end of the week.

1993 Dec 3: The TIA and the three cigarette companies are funding an anti-smoking campaign aimed at youth.

1997 Feb 3: Moyston now lives at Beehive Cottage, Stapleford, Salisbury, Wilts, SP34LJ in the UK. Martyn Gilber of BAT writes to thank him.

We are now at the end of the Minnesota discovery process, not without great adventure and some mishap, and I wish to thank you for your efforts with the trade secret files. Your assistance, and indeed your experience of the workings of the Company, has been invaluable in bringing the process to a conclusion and is very much appreciated.



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