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Jacques R LaRiviere    

He worked for the Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers Council (CMTC), and was their representative on the Social Acceptability Working Party (SAWP) of ICOSI and then INFOTAB. As a Canadian, he led the tobacco industry's attempts to infiltrate and disrupt the World Health Organisation's conference on Smoking & Health in Winnipeg in 1982.


There are 552 references to documents carrying his name or initials in the tobacco archives.


Don't confuse Jacques R LaRiviere with:
    • Jean R LaRiviere who presented a 1973 paper on "A Doctor's View of Nurses' involvement in Smoking and Health Programs" (Canadian also)
    • D LaRiviere who is a chemist/cigarette laser expert (female who works with D Provost) working for B&W at Wiggins Teape on Barclay ventilation filters,
    • Maurice M LaRiviere who is Chief Revenue Agent with the Rhode Island's division of Sales Tax.
    • PD LaRiviere who does research on particulates for the Atomic Energy Commission

1980 Jan 28: Speaking on the Canadian experience with the CMTC at the ICOSI "Social Acceptability Countermeasures Workshop" in Brussels. [First dated document] This is a SAWP subcommittee.

1980 April 8: He is on an ICOSI list for distribution of a press release "Smoking and Workplace — A National Survey" from the US NICSH.

1982 Nov 23: Meeting of the Winnipeg Project Team of SAWP/ICOSI planning to infiltrate and disrupt the WHO Smoking & Health conference. The members are:
    • Hans Verkerk (Chairman) Assistant Secretary General of INFOTAB
    • Ernst Bruckner,Verband, temporarily at ICOSI
    • Richard Corner, PM EEMA corporte affairs (later Ass Sec Gen of INFOTAB)
    • Bob Ely, BAT public affairs
    • Gwynn Hargrove, BAT and ICOSI consultant
    • Don Hoel, lawyer of Shook Hardy & Bacon
    • Bill Kloepfer, PR at the US Tobacco Institute
    • Jacques LaRiviere, of the Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers Council
    • Leann Zimmerman, research analyist for Shook Hardy & Bacon

    LaRiviere chaired the Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers Council (CMTC) Special Committee on the WHO's Winnipeg Conference on Smoking and Health, and acted as liason with INFOTAB project team. He reported that the venue chosen by WHO helped the tobacco industry because of its size and remoteness:

He felt that Winnipeg was, from the industry's point of view, a satisfactory location for the Conference. Winnipeg, was not a main conference centre, nor was it a centre with significantly good media facilities, although of course radio coverage could be expected. The conference hall could accommodate 1,800 delegates, and would therefore appear very empty indeed during the plenary sessions.

    The dates chosen in July for the Conference were in high vacation time, when quite a few media representatives would be on holiday.

6 . List of Participants.
    It was recalled that the list of participants had only been available at the Stockholm Conference a few weeks before it took place. Mr LaRiviere said he would make everyy effort to obtain information on participants as early as possible.

1983 Jan 18 He is now listed as a member of WHO's Executive Board in Canada.

1983 Sep 19 - 22: He is a team leader at an INFOTAB workshop in Washington on "industry Strategies to Combat Taxation". He reports:

There was a very strong feeling that we should, as a lobby group in our own countries, get to know the fiscal technocrats to find how much they know about our industry, how it works and about the impact of taxation, not just on the product but on the industry.

    It was agreed that the uppermost argument should be "the goose is probably very well done in our country but for God's sake don't kill it because it is a major revenue producer"

    The second most important argument might well be the socio-economic impact of the industry: raising the political argument of excessive taxation creating unemployment, which tends to get a hearing.

    Great attention should be paid to elasticity of demand studies, theirs and ours. Find out how they structure theirs, so that if there is a discussion you know what assumptions they used.

1984 Oct: Jacques LaRiviere,- Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers' Council. He is at the Brussels NMA/INFOTAB -

1984 Nov 22: A situation report on WHO's activities in Europe is sent to a distribution list from INFOTAB. His name is on the list. Also included is the "Findings Published on Cigarette Smoke Inhalation Study with Mice."

1988 June 1: Remittance Advice to the Tobacco Institute. He received a package of printed matter by air from the TI. [One of 186 sent to tobacco organisations, companies and supporters around the world]