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    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Henry Clay Society    

This appears to be a bi-partisan but politically-based organization of government lobbyists who run a $100 a month (+$40 a meal) luncheon club and provide a platform for influencing politicians (and arranging campaign donations) by giving the lobbyists privileged access. The Society paid the politicians a $1000 honorarium to speak.


It claims: "The Henry Clay Society is a dinner and discussion group comprised of senior individuals engaged in government relations for corporations, trade associations, law firms and consulting groups representing a wide range of policy areas.

The name of the Society derives from its organization principle that it should be:
diversified in its focus, not restricted.to just the House or Senate, but involved in both as well as the Executive Branch; -
diversified in its partisan makeup, not only Democratic or Republican.;
diversified regionally, not predominantly Northern or Southern; and
diversified in its philosophical and ideological outlook, with both liberals and conservatives.
[Henry Clay was neither a Democrat nor Republican (but a Whig) who came from the border state of Kentucky, and was known as the Great Compromiser],

1985 July 24: Terrence D Straub, Manager of Government Affairs for United States Steel Corporation, writes on Society business to Ralph Vinovich , President of Legislative Affairs at the Tobacco Institute (and others).

Joel Jankowsky [Akin Gump Strauss] and Kip O'Neill [O'Neill & Hauss] were appointed to do the necessary paperwork to assure that the Henry Clay Society is officially a tax-exempt organization.

    Other members mentioned were
    • William T ('Bill') Murphy Jr. (treasurer) of Dickstein Shapiro & Morin
    • Gary Hymel of Gray & Company
    • Jim Healey
    • Stacey Mobley
    • Burt E Rosen of Pfizer Inc
    • Candy Shy Hooper - Enserch Corpation
    • H Stewart Van Scoyoc of Charls B Walker Associates (lobbyists)
    • James C Free of Charls B Walker Associates (lobbyists)
    • Terry Straub US Steel Corporation
    • Gay Friedmann [and others from another document]
    • Ken Duberstein, lobbyist with Timmons and Company
    • Anne Wexler lobbyist with Wexler Reynolds Harrison & Schule
    • Wilson W Wyatt Jr - of British American Tobacco

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