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    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Frank Statement



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Paul M Hahn    

Paul Hahn was a lawyer/president of The American Tobacco Company in 1954 when the dam broke and the studies of Wynder/Graham and Doll/Hill showed clearly that smoking caused lung-cancer.
  At this time the ATCo was the leading cigarette make in the USA, and Hahn led the industry's fight-back efforts. These involved the establishment of the Tobacco Industry Research Council (TIRC), and the publication of "A Frank Statement" promising that research would solve any problems revealed. Four years later he was instrumental in setting up the Tobacco Institute to generate propaganda and engage in political and scientific lobbying.


• Paul M. Hahn was a native New Yorker born March 6, 1895, educated at City College of New York and Columbia Law School.

1917–19: 38 he practiced law and for six years was a member of the law fim of Chadbourne, Stanchfield and Levy.

1938 /E: [Source 1991 March 13 Interview with PM staffer/executives about key people.]

American Tobacco Brands had been the leader of the industry in volume. Paul Hahn, despite having his reputation besmirched over a judge-bribery case in the late 1930s, was still considered the top industry spokesman. He had come out of the white-shoe firm of Chadbourne (where word had it, they would never again hire a jew, in view of Hahn's subsequent behavior.)"

1939: Hahn joined the American Tobacco Company as Assistant to the President. One year later he became a Vice President and Director.

1950: he was elected President of American Tobacco Co. His assuming that position marked a new era for the company, if not for the industry as a whole, since he represented a managenent man, rather than a strictly "tobacco man" salesman-type. Mr. Hahn was small of stature, with a dignified demenor, accompanied by a dynamic vitality.

[Source Apr 30 1996]

1954: Pres ATC 1950-1963; Signed "A Frank Statement" 1954

1954 Jan 25: Statement on origins and purpose of the TIRC by Paul Hahn [President of American Tobacco Co]. He says the TIRC was formed as a reaction to skin-painting reports by Wynder and Graham, and others in the literature, JAMA, and Cancer Research (1953) + statements by Ochsner — also publicity in national magazines like Time, Life, Readers' Digest.

1962 Oct 1: Hahn's letter to Frank Stanton of Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) complaining about an 'one-sided and misleading program' called "The Teen-Age Smoker." It focused on the Royal College of Physicians report in the UK. Both the draft and the final letters are in the archives.

For example, inverviews with anti-cigarette scientists were allotted approximately 676 aeconds - more than-twice the 318 seconds allotted to scientists who challenged their cigarette theory.

    He claims the increase in lung-cancer rates is due to better diagnosis, and the increase due to longevity improvements. He says that they also ignored statistical evidence from New Zealand and South Africa, and an interview with Dr Carl Seltzer wasn't used.

1963: Retired from ATC