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Get Government Off Our Backs    



1994 Oct: Get Government Off Our Back (GGOOB) is an ad hoc coalition of individuals, businesses and grass-roots organizations throughout the country.

The coalition was founded in October 1994 to help bring about a fundamental shift in the priorities of government at the federal, state and local levels. Members of the coalition have endorsed a resolution for action calling for a smaller, fairer, less intrusive government
These letters are signed by different groups:
  • Karen Kerrigan, President, Small Business Survival Committee [Who also ran the Citizens Against Government Waste operation.
  • Ida True Terry, United We Stand America - Kansas
Participating organisations are almost all the Wise Use movement group
    plus a few other right-wing organizations including Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform , NRA , Institute for Justice , etc.

See letterhead

1995 Mar 29: RJ Reynolds report on "Get Government Off Our Backs" (GGOOB) activites during "Regulatory Revolt Month" around USA:

As part of GGOOB's "Regulatory Revolt Month," successful rallies and media events were held this week in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Washington and Montana.
  • Pennsylvania — PA GGOOB chairman Charlie Gerow was the lead spokesman and representatives of Unified Sportsmen, United We Stand, Citizens Against Higher Taxes, Taxpayers Alliance, the Christian Coalition and the PA Landowners Association also addressed the crowd.
  • Nevada — The event lasted about 30 minutes, with state Treasurer Bob Seale serving as the chief spokesperson. The mayor of Las Vegas spoke, as did anti-tax leader Marilyn Gubler.
  • Washington — The rally in Washington state on March 29 received extensive media coverage, especially on talk radio. One hundred people attended the outdoor rally on the steps of the Capitol building.
      Two TV stations covered the event (Fox & NBC), as did four radio stations and the Tacoma News Tribune. In addition, seven other radio interviews occurred before and after the event with spokespeople Nona Brazier, Elaine Davis, and Chuck Cushman . Brazier and Davis went to KVI radio after the rally was over and did an hour-long call-in program. KVI is the state's biggest talk radio station
[Note: Cushman's associate, Alan Gottlieb, is Chairman of the Board of the Talk America Radio Network and its affiliated stations nationwide, and has extensive radio holdings in Washington State.]
    Also Montana and California. The report includes other State and Local Issues being opposed, organized or supported by the tobacco industry
[Note: This report has been retyped by RJ Reynolds in Feb 2002. Why?]
[See original with March 31 1995 date.]