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CREATED 10/30/2010


WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
    Please read the OVERVIEW carefully, and make up your own mind.



Nancy J Balter
Jacob Medinger & Finnegan




John A Fischella    

— An indoor air quality scientist with decided pro-tobacco views, who, for some reason, does not appear to have been recruited to IAPAG despite his obvious credentials and enthusiasms. —  

Some key documents

• Fordham Univeristy pro-bac.

1950: Born New York

1983 Sep 15: A Report on Nitrosamines in tobacco smoke has been filed under the name "Fischella, J" showing that a file existed at RJ Reynolds. This is unusual unless the company was dealing with him directly ... or if he was a prominent critic (which seems unlikely).

1983 Oct: /E Note from the Desk of Dorothea B Cohen (at the Council for Tobacco Research)

"MegaMouse studies"
John Fischella
Jacob Medinger & Finnegan
Suite 960
45 Rockefeller Plaza
NY NY 10050
(212) 765-4100

[These lawyers handled the industry's Special Account #4 payments and the grants lists]

[The Megamouse studies were done from mid-'81 into 1982,]

1983 Nov: John Fischella had provided some minor scientific analysis services to the tobacco industry through Jacob Mendiger & Finnegan, the tobacco lawyers, for which he was paid $90 for two hours work.

1985 Nov 22: It appears as if he was also conducting literature research for the RJ Reynolds. These are from a document heaed "Expert Witness Outlines". Along with material prepared by Frank Colby is:

Summaries of Selected Epidemiological studies on Cigarette Smoking and Lung Cancer (1928-1985) by Fischella dated 11/22/85

1986 Jul: Nancy Balter has prepared this Tobacco Industry report under CEHHT/IAPAG letterhead "To File" about an Air Pollution Control Association (APCA) annual meeting. She was actively recruiting John Fischella of Fordham University:

'I must admit, listening to him, I had him pegged as a tobacco company employee. At the conclusion of this session, we did speak and I found out he was from Fordham University .

    I subsequently spoke with him for about 45 minutes on Wednesday . He indicated that he has a lot of fun jerking the chain of the zealots.

    I told him about the concept of the Center [and] we had a limited discussion on the ETS project and the fact that we are interested in identifying academic scientists with expertise in particular areas, who might be willing to work on specific projects.

    I suggested to him that if he was interested in some consulting work, to drop me a line. I gave him my address at Georgetown. I will be curious to see if I hear from him. In the meantime, I have asked Myron [Weinberg] to run a background check on him."
She also purchased about 100 papers which were appropriate for the data base. They were handed out to IAPAG members to critique.

1988 /E: A Report concerning scientist and scientific research prepared in anticipation of litigation by RJR legal counsel. NOT AVAILABLE. This mentions him.

[There is no further record of Fischella in the archives. Why they would have actively destroyed copies of Weinberg's background check is not clear. However Fischella appears not to have been recruited to IAPAG. ]

1988: a CTR note from RC Hockett lists his name

"Fisichella - alkaloids" in a list which includes Grossman, Fontham, Leyton-Davis —- then Intinerary, Prior and the CTR's statistician Kastenbaum and Dr Comrad.



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