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CREATED 3/8/2013

WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Smoking-Gun docs.




Robert Mark ('Mark') Fleming    

(aka Mark R and Flemming)

— Aide to Jesse Helms who went on to run tobacco operations at the North Carolina State University. —  

Brown & Williamson
Mark Fleming is Manager of Government Affairs for Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation.
    Mr. Fleming manages the activities of the Government Affairs Department in order to maintain the best possible legislative and regulatory environment for Brown & Williamson to do business.
    Prior to joining Brown & Williamson in 1988, Mr. Fleming spent 6 years working for the United States Senate handling tobacco issues. Earlier, Mr. Fleming worked for the Commissioner of Agriculture, in North Carolina.
    A native of North Carolina, whose family owns a flue-cured tobacco farm, Mr Fleming's agricultural roots run deep. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University. He and his wife, Julie, have one son and live in Louisville, Kentucky.

Some key documents

• He was also on the Board of Directors, Smokeless Tobacco Council and President of the North Carolina Society of Washington.

1983–98: Legislative Assistant, United States Senate, Washington, D.C. Work includes tenure with Senator Jesse Helms. (Republican NC)

1989–91: Manager Government B&W Tobacco

1990 Jan: - Feb 1991 Appears to be with Brown & Williason

1991: MBA Bellarmine College, Louisville Kentucky

1991 July 17: Fleming, Manager State Government Affairs for B&W has written to Sam Chilcote seeking a position with the Tobacco Institute or one of the cigarette companies.

Dear Sam:
It is hard to believe I've been away from Washington for three years. I mentioned to you last time we were together I made a mistake not coming to work for you. I believe I would have accomplished much more under your guidance.

    I will finish my MBA in one week. I've worked hard to get it and want to put it to good use. Thus this letter. Enclosed is a recent resume, my current job description and the "My Voice Counts" video and kit (as an example of my most recent work). The program has been a significant grassroots effort which our employees and trade groups really seem to appreciate.

1992 Apr 23: Tobacco Institute conference "Remarks by: Mark Fleming, Manager of Government Affairs, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/wyh84b00/pdf

1993 Aug 17.: Sam Clilcote has sent R Mark Fleming some Redskin football tickets. Fleming is Executive Director NCSU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Alumni Society"

1993 Aug 25: Tollison at the Center for Study of Public Choice has sent copies of letters to the editor along to the Tobacco Institute. One was sent to Professor Fleming at NC State

1995 May 26: Letter from the North Carolina Tobacco Foundation Inc, at the North Carolina State University, is ccd to Mark Fleming (Jesse Helms is involved) in the Fred G Bond Tobacco Scholoroship Endowment

    Lorillard has been asked to give $50,000 and the Tobacco Institute $25,000. The contact is Mark Fleming.

1997 Jul 11: Philip Morris's 'Federal Tobacco Team' activities report for July 1997 Joh Hoel had

Dinner With Gramm Boyd, Office of Governor Jim Hunt and Mark Fleming, N.C. State University re: settlement and grower issue
Fleming was Assistant to the Dean at North Carolina State Uni.

1999 July 19: Lorillard Tobacco is being asked by the Department of Agriculture in North Carolina, to give $5,000 to an "important agricultural tour for key US Congressional Staff" being run by the NC Tobacco Foundation. Mark Fleming is the contact.

2000 Mar 22: Philip Morris has bcome involved in some discussion about GM modification of tobacco to produce vaccines at North Carolina State University (NCSU) and Georgetown University (GU) involving Jesse Helms. The two universities are trying to develop alternate uses for tobacco.

Father George explained that NCSU was working with Rep. Price (D-N.C.) (through Mark Fleming) and that GU was deferring to NCSU (or at least allowing NCSU to take the lead). (As an aside, Father George wanted me to convey to Mark that he is available to do any work on the House side that is needed. Father George has excellent relations with many representatives and staffers and says his "walking shoes are on and he is ready to lobby." )
Ernst & Young recommend
Mark Fleming and Dr George coordinate lobbying efforts on the House side. In particular, since Rep. Price is a Democrat, perhaps it would be in our best interest to find a Republican co-sponsor for this legislation. Bryan Meyers is available to assist.



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