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CREATED 12/12/2010


WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
    Please read the OVERVIEW carefully, and make up your own mind.






Joshua F (Josh) Douglas     [Dr]    

— A scientific witness and consultant to the Tobacco Institute who appeared at various State and Legislative hearings. —  

Some key documents

PhD from Columbia University

1987 June 9: Josh Douglas and Philip Witorsch appear as a tobacco industry witness at a Pittsburgh City Council public hearing on smoking bans. Douglas says:

  • I live in Fawnroyal, Virginia
  • I have 35 years of experience in industry, government and as a private consultant
  • I have a PhD from Columbia University
  • Q. Are you a Doctor.   A. Yes, Sir.
  • [later] I am a toxicologist
Witorsch then follows him saying ETS has 'never had anything to do with lung cancer' and became embroiled in a battle with one of the councilors.

    Three days later Gerald Kupris from the Tobacco Institute reported to his superiors on the value of their witnesses :
  • Gray Robertson: Gray's testimony was excellently received, As I had indicated previously, the public hearing was broadcast live over cable television, including cable reception in each council member's office.
  • Phil Witorsch: Phil's testimony was presented in a very strong fashion. obvious that he had control of his facts; even though it was equally obvious that the members of the city council not only did not find him credible but, in fact, found his testimony to be "overbearing."
  • Josh Douglas: It was obvious that Josh Douglas has difficulty speaking before groups. His delivery was weak. He stuck specifically to his three-page presentation, which at no time used language that any normal human being would understand. I would not request Mr. Douglas' presence at any public hearing over which I have any control.
    [An added handnote says he 'lacked conviction']
  • Gary Anderson: Mr Anderson presented his testimony adequately. But, in my estimation, he was not prepared to respond to direct, or leading, or barbed questions from city council members. Having seen such people as Savarese and Tollison in action, I would take Mr Anderson only when his superiors were not available. [Note the classification of Tollison and Savarese as his 'superiors']

1987 June 10: [See page 7 following Simon Turner's statement] Oral Statement of Dr Josh Douglas. (it begins in an almost identical way to the transcript above — it is probably a draft)

[F]or the past ten years I have been heavily involved in toxicology/ particularly chemical carcinogenesis.

    While I am here today as a private consultant at the request and expense of the Tobacco Institute, the opinions I will express are my own.

[Note it does not say he has conducting any research, or that he had any special qualifications that support his testimony, or indeed, that his PhD was in the area of toxicology, Nor do the archives have any C/V or letters or memos to show why he was hired.]

    [snip] In summary, there is insufficient scientific information to reach a positive conclusion regarding ETS exposure and adverse health effects.

1987 Oct 19: The Tobacco Institute's Walter Woodson is circulating to his group of Regional Directors a "Scientific Witness Appearance Requirements." It Has been sent to Covington & Burling (lawyers). ACVA and other IAQ testing consultants, and some Tobacco Institute staff who need to be aware of the scheduled witness services in the various States. Also on his circulation list are

  • Ed Dunkelberger, Weinberg Consultaing Group (witness recruitment)
  • Dee Herndon, CEHHT/IAPAG organiser at GeorgeTown University
  • Jada Smith, TI Public Relations
  • George Minshew, TI's Regional Director, Northern Sector (Regions 1-V)
  • Josh Douglas, TI scientific IAQ consultant
  • John Lyons, TI's Information section (involved in airline smoking also)
  • Cathey Yoe, TI Government Relations staff
  • George Yenowine. TI State Activites Director

1991: The Tobacco Institute's "Public Affairs Files" has a list of Consultant:

  • Alan Gross
  • Alan Katzenstein, helpful statistical consultant
  • Bernard Lieberman
  • Dave Brenton, airline smoking organizer.
  • Gail Charnley, favorite consultant toxicologist
  • Walter Decker
  • Josh Douglas scientific witness/consultant to TI
  • John Doull, favorite consultant toxicologist
  • Joseph Fleiss
  • Larry Halfen
  • Larry Holcomb, American IAQ testing conspirator
  • Gary Flamm, favorite consultant toxicologist
  • Howard Goodfellow, Canadian IAQ testing conspirator
  • Karl Jonas
  • James Kilpatrick
  • James Pedelty
  • Marvin Goodman
  • Milt Mecker and his Meckler Group
  • Maurice LeVois
  • Lawrence Wexler
  • Paul Switzer
  • Jack Peterson (sic)
  • Mark Reasor
  • Ron Hood
  • David Weeks
  • James Will
  • Jospeh Wu



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