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CREATED 2/5/2011


WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
    Please read the OVERVIEW carefully, and make up your own mind.



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cash-for-comments witness list    

— The Tobacco Institute's lists of available academics and scientists available to promote their cause at Congressional inquiries, local ordinance hearings, etc. —  

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Some key documents

1988–89: Tobacco Institute Scientific Consultant Activity report. This document gives highly detailed list of witness activities, conferences, media tours, etc. made by these teams of tobacco-friendly 'scientists' It divides witness lists into these categories:

Academic Scientific Witnesses on ETS.

  • Kenneth Bogen, University of California
  • Robert Boorstein, New York University Medical Center
  • Joseph Fleiss, Columbia University
  • Alan Gross, University of South Carolina
  • Ronald Hood, University of Alabama
  • Irwin Kessler, University of Maryland
  • James Kilpatrick, Medical College of Virginia
  • Nicholas Mamola, Face university
  • Mark Reasor, West Virginia University
  • Jarnail Singh, Stillman College
  • Lawrence Wexler, New York Medical College
  • Philip Witorsch, George Washington University
  • Raphael Witorsch, Medical College of Virginia
  • Joseph Wu, New York Medical College

Unaffiliated Scientific Witnesses for ETS
  • George Carlo
  • Walter Decker
  • Thomas Golojuch
  • Gio Gori
  • Larry Halfen
  • Larry Hoicomb
  • Alan Katzenstein
  • Maurice LeVois
  • Joe Fedelty
  • Jack Peterson,
  • Barry Seabrook ,
  • David Weeks

Scientific Witnesses Indoor Air Quality
  • Peter Binnie, ACVA Atlantic
  • Bill Butler
  • John Drake, Purdue University
  • Jolanda Janczewski, Consolidated Safety Services
  • D. Johnson
  • Gray Robertson, ACVA Atlantic
  • Jeff Seckler, ACVA Atlantic
  • Elia Sterling
  • Nancy Stone, Consolidated Safety Services
  • Simon Turner, ACVA Atlantic
  • Jon Yereb, Consolidated Safety Services

Tobacco industry witnesses: [Not categorised elsewhere]
  • Rep. Charles Whitley
  • Jolly Anne Davidson, past president, National Assn. of State Boards of Education

Legal Witnesses:
  • Burt Neuborne, NY Univ. Law School
  • Philip Kurland, Chicago Univ. Law School
  • Martin Redish, Northwestern Univ. Law School
  • Barry Lynn, ACLU
  • Morton Halperin, ACLU
  • Dan Popeo, Washington Legal Foundation
  • Craig Smith, Freedom of Expression Foundation
  • Richard Wiley, former chairman, Federal Communications Commission.

Advertising Witnesses:
  • John O'Toole, president, American Association of Advertising Agencies
  • Dewitt Helm, president, Association of National Advertisers
  • Howard Bell, president, American Advertising Federation
  • Mary Covington, executive director. International Advertising Association
  • Paul P. de Win, World Federation of Advertisers
  • Robert Keim, former chairman, The Advertising Council

Media Witnesses:
  • Jerry Friedheim, president, American Newspaper Publishers Association, or chairman of appropriate ANPA committee
  • Donald Kummerfeld, president, Magazine Publishers Association, or chairman of appropriate EPA committee
  • Myron Liable, acting president, Outdoor Advertising Association of America, or chairman of appropriate OAAA committee.

Marketing Witnesses:
  • Michael Waterson, The Advertising Association (UK)
  • Scott Ward, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • JJ Boddewyn, City University of New York
  • Roger Blackwell, Ohio State University
  • George P. Moschis, Georgia State University
  • Elliot C. Young, president. Perception Research Services
  • Josh McQueen, executive vice president, Leo Burnett

    Sampling Witnesses:
  • Steven Bellissimo, Phoenix Marketing
  • RJ. Lieberman, Allways Advertising
  • Norman D Einzinger, National Field Marketing
  • Edwin J. Sherwood, BDS Marketing
  • Dan Dryer, Marketing Force
  • Alan K. Swift, Promotional Marketing
  • Len Casella, Donnelley Marketing

Vending Witnesses: [Vending machines]
  • Richard Funk, counsel. National Automatic Merchandising Association
  • William Carpenter, executive vice president, Amusement and Music Operators Association

Sponsorship Witnesses: [Sport and Arts]
  • Ed Youngblood, executive director, Committee for Affordable Sports and Entertainment (CASE)
  • + appropriate CASE sports celebrity, such as auto racers Richard Petty and Bill France.
  • Alvin Alley, creative director the Alvin Alley Dance Group
  • William Lauer, Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • J. Carter Brown. National Gallery of Art
  • Others involved in cultural arts group from appropriate Congressional districts

[These are fire safety experts and administrators who climbed aboard the tobacco industry's gravy train to down-play the role of cigarettes as a primary cause of death and property loss.]

Fire Service Representatives:
  • Clyde Bragdon, US Fire Administrator
  • Jim Monihan, Chairman, National Volunteer Fire Council
  • Bobby Colvin, National Volunteer Fire Council Legislative Committee Chairman
  • Jim Estepp, International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • Dave Robertson, Chairman, international Association of Fire Chiefs Prevention Committee
  • John Stewart, Metro Chiefs
  • Russell Sanders, Metro Chiefs
  • Ed McCormack, International Society of Fire Service Instructors
  • Jim McMullen, Association of State Fire Marshals
  • George Miller, Association of State Fire Marshals
  • Olin Greene, Oregon State Fire Marshal
  • Ed DiMonda and Chick Granito, Nassau County, NY
  • Dave Lucht, Director of Fire Center, Worcester Polytech Institute
  • Pat Mieszala, Burn Concerns, Inc.
Scientific and Technical Witnesses (Fire)
  • Philip Schaenman, TriData Corp.
Members of Congress
  • Rep. Curt Weldon, chairman of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus
  • Other Caucus members

1989: A number of Tobacco Industry Witness Lists which have been bundled together as a single unit in the filing cabinet.

  • Basic Group of witnesses in 1988-89:
    • Larry Holcomb (perpetual IAQ consultant)
    • Simon Turner (IAQ consultant with ACVA/HBI)
    • Jeff Seckler (IAQ consultant with ACVA/HBI — later whistleblower.
    • Dick Wagner (cash-for-comment economist)
    • Bill Orzechowski (Tobacco Institute's resident economist)
    • David Weeks (perpetual IAQ consultant)
    • Dwight Lee (cash-for-comments economist)
    • Mike Davis (cash-for-comments economist)
    • Gray Robertson (main IAQ consultant with ACVA/HBI)
    • Morris Coats (cash-for-comments economist)
    • Jolly Ann Davidson (NASBE childrens consultant)
    • Alan Katzenstein (statistical consultant)
    • John Fox (Lawyer and legal consultant)
  • 1988 Witness List Those liste above plus:
    • David Brenton (focus on airlines)
  • 1989 Witness list those to date plus
    • Alan Kassman (industry science consultant),
    • Jack Peterson (IAQ testing consultant),
    • (unnamed) from "Bestype Consulting"[Did fake IAQ testing work],
    • Dennis Vaughn (lawyer and legal consultant),
  • 1991 Witness List adds a number of new consultants.
    • Brennan Dawson (TI spokesperson),
    • Jim Goold (RJR lawyer),
    • Joe Pedelty (IAQ consultant),
    • Melinda Sidak (C&B lawyer),
    • David Remes (C&B scientist/recruiter),
    • Frank Powell (NEMI/IAQ consultant),
    • Bernadette Davidson (lawyer-lobbyist),
    • Tom Lauria (TI staff spokesperson)
    • Rich Silberman (IAQ consultant),
    • Walt Decker (consultant toxicologist)
  • 1993 June 1 Tobacco Institute list of "Witness/Expert Appearances — Scientific/Legal/Spokespersons."] The list has lost a few, but also grown since 1988 to now include:
    • Mike Buckley,
    • Gio Gori (ex NCI now lobbyist),
    • Bill Wordham,
    • Walter Merryman (TI Public Relations),
    • Melinda Sidak,
    • Rudy Cole,
    • Larry Halfen.
  • 1990 Witness List (page 35) includes most of the main group plus...
    • Bill Orzechowski,
    • Mike Davis,
    • Morris Coats,



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