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Charles (Chuck) Cushman    

One of the more vocal and vociferous members of the group (based on the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise) which ran the Wise Use movement ... what was once Ronald Reagan's Sagebrush Revolution. He was third in line to Ron Arnold and Alan Gottleib, although, behind the scenes was also the Moonie organization.


More of a rabble rouser than an ideologue, Chuck Cushman has earned the nickname "Rent-a-Riot" for his ability to incite audiences to the verge of violent civil disobedience. He then carefully disassociates himself from responsibility for any threats or violence which actually result.

A former insurance salesman, Cushman's anti-environmental roots are traced to his experiences with limitations placed on property he owned in Yosemite National Park — a form of property ownership known as an in-holding . This personal economic interest led to the founding of the National Inholders Association as well as various other organizations which exist primarily as letterheads in Cushman's FAX machines.

1988: One of the founders of the Wise-Use coalition

1988: Charles "Chuck" Cushman's National Inholders Association. was tied up with Gottlieb and Arnold in the Wise Use movement — also with the Moonies.

1994: Later, they [the Wise Use leaders - Alan Gottleib and Ron Arnold] began finding that angry crowds of people who had been literally frightened out of their wits were angrily protesting against outrages that didn't exist or demanding that government pass laws that were fiscally irresponsible, contrary to existing legislation or simply unconstitutional.

    A typical non-existent outrage is Charles "Chuck" Cushman's disinformation campaign over the proposed Cascades National Park and Reserve. This proposal aims to improve efficiency and communication among agencies that administer public lands in the northern Cascades. A small portion of the ecosystem region extends across the border into Canada, hence the need for international cooperation. According to Mitch Friedman of the Greater Eco-system Alliance, a supporter of the proposal, "It will have no impact on private property, only change regulation of public land."

    Cushman, working with the Okanagon Concerned Citizens Coalition (which usually refers to itself as OC3) and other Wise Use "property rights" groups, immediately began thundering around the state holding meetings where he denounced what was now being called by Wise Use the "International Peace Park" as an attempt to "lock up" private land.

    According to documents distributed by OC3, about 200 Okanagon County residents participated in a protest that Cushman organized at the "Nature Has No Borders" conference at the University of Washington in April.

    Cushman was quoted in the August 1994 issue of The Idaho Outback as saying, "They [federal officials] have said in documents that they want to eliminate hunting, mining, grazing, logging, and off-road recreation. Millions of acres will be taken [from private property owners] if we let them do this." At a Libertarian gathering in Everett, where Gottlieb was speaking on gun rights, one woman asked us in worried tones if we had heard about the "International Peace Park" which would be placed under United Nations jurisdiction.

1995 Mar 29: Report on "Get Government Off Our Backs" (GGOOB) activites during "Regulatory Revolt Month" around USA: [Note retyped by RJ Reynolds in Feb 2002. Why?]

Washington — The rally in Washington state on March 29 received extensive media coverage, especially on talk radio. One hundred people attended the outdoor rally on the steps of the Capitol building.

    Two TV stations covered the event (Fox & NBC), as did four radio stations and the Tacoma News Tribune. In addition, seven other radio interviews occurred before and after the event with spokespeople Nona Brazier, Elaine Davis, and Chuck Cushman . Brazier and Davis went to KVI radio after the rally was over and did an hour-long call-in program. KVI is the state's biggest talk radio station
[Note: Cushman's associate, Alan Gottlieb, is Chairman of the Board of the Talk America Radio Network and its affiliated stations nationwide, and has extensive radio holdings in Washington State.]