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WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Steve Berry    

— Chief Counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He worked with the tobacco industry lobby to attack the World Health Organization's anti-smoking initiatives by cutting the US contribution to its budget. —  

Some key documents

1981: He is a Daily News Staff journalist, writing: "Widow files Suit, saying Asbestos Made Her Sick" She developed lung cancer from dust on clothing from her three sons, and late husband's work with asbestos.

1994: Steve Berry was a journalist with the Orgalndo Sentinel

1995: Chief Counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

1995 Sep 21: Andrew Whist to Steve Parris on Philip Morris's Corporate Affairs division's activities against the World Health Organisation (WHO)

  • Whist claims to have "good contacts with sympathetic health officials and/or the media" in the US, the UK and Denmark.
  • He is working with Paul Dietrich, the tobacco industry's main anti-WHO lobbyist.
  • Following a recent meeting with Steve Berry, Chief Counsel of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (and Brad Edwards, Sen. Helms Legislative Assistant), Paul Dietrich "has been working on a daily basis with Berry."
They have struck agreement on....
  1. Paul [Dietrich] will write a speech for Senator Helms to explain his amendment on the floor of the Senate to substantially cut the WHO appropriations.
  2. Helms is also going to try to hold up a percentage of the final appropriation until a GAO or IG audit can be conducted of US funds previously given to the WHO.
  3. Berry wants Paul to meet with the GAO inspector for the WHO.
  4. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has requested the GAO audit of the WHO be completed by January 1996. The Committee has also requested a GAO audit of all US government funds that go to the WHO. Steve said no one actually knows how much US money goes to the WHO.
  5. Berry also wants Paul to meet with Senator Kassebaum's and Democratic Senator Feingold's Committee staff people. Evidently, they do not like the WHO. He wants to bring them in to form a small group to organize and "script" the WHO Senate Hearings which he thinks we can have in January or February of next year, in a way that will maximize press and TV coverage.
  6. They are hoping that the hearings will provide the public support for "major" cuts in the WHO budget in next year's budget hearings, which will be the first time the Republican Congress has full control over the new budget cycle.
Yesterday, Paul and I met with Howard Liebengood and Greg Scott [Philip Morris PR executives] to update them on where we stand and what further help we might need over the next few months. Howard had many good ideas.

    For the sake of efficiency, I suggest that Paul stay in direct touch with Howard
    from now on, with Howard reporting periodically to you.

[In explanation:]

"much of the ammunition which we have used has been obtained through funding by PMI over a good number of years. "

[Whist was with PM International, while Parrish was with PM USA domestic.]

    I have a number of ideas how we can broaden our attack internationally, and
    would like to discuss them with you whenever convenient.

    I can't do much more, since I am not all that well acquainted with the important players in Congress, and, in any case, will lead three separate delegations of the NCSL, CSG, and the NGA to various points over the next few weeks. I would only slow up the proceedings.

[These would be Whist's ACEA an NYSIA junkets for compliant legislators to various exotic locations around the world. The NCSL is the National Conference of State Legislators, the CSG is the Council of State Governors, and NGA is the National Governor's Association.]

1997 Sep 19: David Nicoli (PM in Washington) to his superior, Howard Liebengood - Weekly report for Federal Tobacco Team.
    His team are mainly occupied lobbying over the Master Settlement Agreement.

    They have a "Helping the Helpers" check distribution scheme, and are attending fund-raisers for Congressmen.

    Rochelle Goldman has had a meeting with Steve Berry, who is now an an aide to Jim Nussle, R-IA.

1998 Mar 2: The Jesse Helms Center Foundation is trying to raise money from the Tobacco Institute via a "Salute". The letterhead has a good list of his backers, and the steering committee for the salute includes

  • John Dodd is directing the effort,
  • Steve Berry of Cellular Telecommunications
  • George Dunlop, Century Communications (ex Helm Chief of Staff)
  • Brad Edwards of US Tobacco
  • Murray Jones of RJ Reynolds Tobacco
  • Reed Larson of National Right to Work Foundation (anti-union)
  • Darry Nirenburg of Patton Boggs
  • Pat O'Donnell, of O'Connor & Hannan
  • Steve Phillips, of Verner, Lipfert, Bernhardt, McPherson and Hand
  • Scott Wilson, of the Tobacco Institute

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