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WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
    Please read the OVERVIEW carefully, and make up your own mind.






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Some key documents

1993: John Rupp at Covington & Burling. Proposal for Regional Recommendation and Funding Requirements.

[29 pages — This will be A Covington & Burling' proposal to the tobacco industry (Note: no letterhead)]

  • Regional:
    Recruitment — Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan. — 12 to 14 scientists — $175,000
    — Costs with Recruitment, Newsletter, Training, Living and Travelling expenses and legal fees $420,000

  • Hong Kong:
    Recruitment — 1 or 2 scientists.
    Dr [Sarah] Liao to be encouraged to obtain a Consumer Council grant for restaurant air quality study. — $95,000 + $75,000 for other activities suggested

  • Indonesia:
    Publication [proceedings] of the IAQ seminar under the banner of the University of Jakarta (and distribute to government departments and media)
    Recruitment - 1) scientist with academic position in a prestigious university.
    2) occupational hygienist
    IAQ office study
    Create ASHRAE chapter — $105,000

  • Japan:
    (A) Recruitment — two or three additional consultants
    (B) Distribute Modern Medicine and Round Table Monograph
    (C) APACT Response - press office/scientific consultants
    (D) TIOJ Spokespereson.
    (E - N) Miscellaneous — $200,000

  • Korea:
    Recruitment - Physician or health related scientist + Air monitoring expert.
    IAQ Study sponsored through Institute of Environmental and industrial Medicine
    Kim retainer — Sponsored in return for monthly reports [Yoon Shin Kim of Hanyan Uni] — $12,000 pa
    J ournal of the Institute of Environmental and Industrial Medicine subsidy
    Environmental Health Priority Study by Dr Cha Chul-Whan (head of Inst. of Environmental Health, Korea University) and Dr Eung Bai Shin (Dept of Civil Engineering, Hanyang)
    ASHRAE/SAREK place Dr Baek on a retainer and ask him to join and be active in SAREK ($10,000) TOTAL $207,000
  • Malaysia: Recruitment - A new scientist associated with presigious university.
          Dr [Heng Juat] Lim or industry to distribute material.
          ASHRAE. Dr Lim to become active if exists, or to consider ways to set up an ASHRAE chapter in Malaysia
          HBI studies, and Misc — $185,000
  • Singapore: Dr Quah as an abserver at Tokyo Round Table
          Quah to be retained to monitor ETS developments and to join and energize local ASHRAE chapter.
          1994 Seminar to publicize Dr Lee's studies ($80,000) — Total $152,000
  • Taiwan: Recruitment - two scientists
          Other... Environmental health priorities report; Indoor air seminar organized by IAI or JIARS ($80,000); HBI study ($60,000); HBI contact with ventilation company ($10,000)

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