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WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Adele Abrams    

(Married name Adele Abrams Bunoski)

A researcher/writer/editor of both internal newsletters, tobacco industry information publications, and some propaganda booklets for the Tobacco Institute. She became marginally embroiled in producing what was obviously disinformation.


Tobacco Institute PR writer and editor of the newsletter

Graduate in journalist from the University of Maryland.

Later Production director for four years

Weekend disk jockey for a jazz radio station in Bethesda (that went all-news)

Washington Star marketing coordinator.

1977 Jan 25: She is with a Vice President of Marketing at a New York Marketing firm, contacting Brown & Williams.

1983 Jan 28: She has joined the Tobacco Institute as a PR publications writer.

1983 Jan 31: She is a smoker, and would like four cartons of Kool Ultra Kings per week.

1983 Nov 18: She is now working as a researcher and writer with the Tobacco Institute; working as a reporter on The Tobacco Observer (TTO) for general distribution.

1983 Nov 21: She is now a writer with the Tobacco Institute, and is asking for statistics on sales tax, etc.

1983 July 27: Tobacco Institute staffer Adele Abrams has checked on the Civil Aeronautics Board approved renewal of smoking restrictions.

While at CAB, I reviewed some of the 800 pieces of mail received in response to D 41431. All but one letter was in favor of imposing restrictions on smoking.

    I sampled 500 letters out of 800 received by CAB on Docket N 41431. Four hundred ninety-nine were in favor of reinstating restrictions on smoking on ground, on small crafts, on short hauls, reimposing "unnecessary burden" and myriad other things. Many as well urged complete ban on smoking.
He has attached a list of the major organizations which made submissions, and identified key academics who are identified with the anti-smoking position.

1983 Aug 10: She is already in the thick of Tobacco Institute disinformation. In this memo she reports to PR head Anne Duffin about her problem trying to manipulate FTC statistics in order to 'prove' that youth smoking rates are not linked to tobacco advertising expenditures. She is no longer a journalist, but a tobacco propagandist.

Now, if we are trying to illustrate increased advertising spending concurrent with falling youth smoking rates, it might be to our benefit to use the complete FTC figures.

1984 Oct 2: She is Editor of the Tobacco Institute Newsletter

1986 July 25: Wall Street Journal article on the attitude of employees of the cigarette industry. [Says she has left the Tobacco Institute.]

Says Adele Abrams Bunoski, who until recently worked for the Tobacco Institute, the industry trade group : "I think there is an erroneous perception that people who work for the industry have horns and are probably lurking around playgrounds trying to give children samples." The industry, she says, adheres to a self-adopted code governing advertising and sampling.

1987 Oct: (4th Quarter) lists her as having left the Tobacco Institute.