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Latin America

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    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
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Ernasto Antich    


He is the Director of Corporate Affairs for one of the two major cigarette companies in Venzuala, and the Caracas contact for Philip Morris and BAT in their pro-smoking campaigns. He is listed as being with the BIGOTT Cigarette company which is obviously affiliated with Philip Morris.

1991 June 28 - 29: A journalist junket to Venuzuala. F de Ortero and E Antich are the two principle local organizers, with Aurora Gonzales (PMI) and Sharon Boyse (BAT) doing the leg work for the international tobacco companies. Tom Borelli was the key tobacco executive on this junket.

1992 Nov 23: A Philip Morris lawyer's report on a Caracas meeting says that AmbioConsult is being recruited for the Latin America IAQ studies, as part of the ETS Consultant Program (WhiteCoats). It says:

This memorandum summarizes the results of meetings in Caracas with Fini de Otero, Ernesto Antich and Dr. Eduardo Souchon concerning the ETS Consultants Program. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss activities that might be undertaken or sponsored by the tobacco industry during 1993.

    Unfortunately, neither Dr. Bruno Burger nor the people with whom we have been dealing at Ambioconsult were in Caracas at the time of my visit.

    4. Building Studies. Ms. de Otero and Mr. Antich continue to be interested in the possibility of Ambioconsult's undertaking during 1993 a series of building studies in Caracas, focusing on ETS as well as other constituents of the indoor air.

    We discussed a number of approaches that might be used for such a study as well as the range of costs that might be involved.

    We agreed to explore with the Ambioconsult representatives who will be attending the consultants meeting in Vina del Mar a variety of building study options that would be available, in anticipation of our providing a full proposal to Ms. de Otero and Mr. Antich in February 1993. We also agreed to explore the availability of EEC funding for Venezuelan indoor air quality studies.