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CREATED 12/17/2012

WARNING: This site deals only with the corporate corruption of science, and makes no inference about the motives or activities of individuals involved.
    There are many reasons why individuals become embroiled in corporate corruption activities - from political zealotry to over-enthusiastic activism; from gullibility to greed.
    Please read the OVERVIEW carefully, and make up your own mind.


Smoking-Gun docs.




Gary W Anderson    

— Employee lobbyist of the Tobacco Institute at Austin Texas, and Executive Director of the Texas Public Employees Association [a lobbying company] —  

This Gary Anderson worked as Regional Director in Texas for the Tobacco Institute. He came from the Plastics Industry, and left to run an Austin-based lobbyfirm called the Texas Public Employees Association.

A life-long lobbyist for companies with poisoning and polluting problems.

He became the Regional Director for Texas, Oklahoma, (Region VIII) for the Tobacco Institute, but couldn't run the operation to their satisfaction. Eventually he was paid a substantial sum to leave.

Some key documents

• C/V sent to the Tobacco Institute

1972 Sep: BA from Michigan State University

1979 Jan: Sep 1985: His early career was with

  • Ingham County MI;
  • Michigan Department of State (Motor Vehicle Records);
  • Michigan State Medical Society (Legislative/Political Liason)
  • Texas Medical Association (PAC);
  • Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (Government Affairs)

1984 Sep 18: The Houston Chronicle reports

AUSTIN - A task force appointed by Gov. Mark White has recommended that healthy, non-smoking state employees be given a discount on their group health Insurance premiums. [of 18%]

    Two task force members who opposed the proposal were Eliseo Medina,'organizing coordinator for the Texas State Employees Union, and Gary Hughes. president of the Texas Public Employees Association.
[Ironically, this was the lobbying organisation which later employed Anderson as its Executive Director]

1985 Sep: Oct 1988: Anderson at this time was Vice President Government Relations with Texas Hospital Association.

1988 Oct: 1990 June: Vice President Administration for Texas Chemical Council

1990 June: Director of State and Local Government Relation with ARCO Chemical Company.(Philadelphia)

1996 Jan 29: Gary Anderson in Pennsylvania is applying for a job as Regional Vice President of the Tobacco Institute. He has heard about the job from the American Plastics Council. He was already leaving the ARCO Chemical Company on March 1.

1996 Feb 15: Anderson has followed his meeting with Sam Chicote of the Tobacco Institute with a bit of brownose flattery — always a good idea if you want the job.

1996 Feb 23: He is offered the position in Dallas Texas at a starting salary of $82,500 plus some unspecified fringe benefits.

1996 Feb 28: The Tobacco Institute is negotiating terms for a leased car for its new employee, Gary W Anderson.

The purpose of this memorandum is to offer you the option of receiving an automobile allowance in lieu of an Institute leased vehicle, until October 1996 when an Institute leased vehicle will be assigned to you for your use. The amount of the automobile allowance will be $ 500.00 per month

Page 22

1996 Mar 12: The Tobacco Institute had hired him as the new Regional Vice Preisdent for Texas. Bill Adams to Sam Chilcote:

The hiring of a new Regional Vice President for our Texas office raises again the issue of The Institute's cellular telephone policy.

Page 16

1996 June 20: The Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Tobacco Institute, Inc. records that he was made a "Vice President"

1996 Aug 9: The Tobacco Institute contract with lobbyist John D Koch of Roedel Parsons Hill & Koch at Baton Rouge Louisiana specifies that his lobbyfirm will work under Anderson:

Gary W. Anderson, The Institute's Vice President for your region, will supervise your activities in connection with this Agreement. You should make oral and written reports to The Institute through Gary Anderson.

    Gary is responsible for coordinating tobacco industry legislative, regulatory and administrative activities in the State of Louisiana and will assist you in developing plans and other strategies to deal effectively with industry issues. All questions regarding tobacco industry policy or positions should be directed to Gary Anderson.

1997 May 14: Gary Anderson is now working out of the Tobacco Institute offices in Texas. The other names on this fax list are all tobacco industry lobbyists in Texas.

    His 8 page fax is providing information to the Washington office about an Arkansas ordinance which was designed to block the sale of cigarettes to minors:

Little Rock Ordinances:
  • imposing marketing / advertising restrictions
  • imposing licensing / fee requirements

1998: The Tobacco Institute's birthday list has Gary Anderson listed for May 16.

1998 Jan 2: Tobacco Institute's State Acticities Recess Plan lists Gary Anderson as the Director of Region VII — AR, KS, LA, MO, OK & TX.
[Note the reference in Oklahoma to the use of Gary Jones, the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Public Employees Association to contact Congressional members]

1998 Feb 5: A $1000 check from the TI is being sent via Gary Anderson on Patrick Hubbell's recommendations to Joe Scranton in Topeka, Kansas for the Democrat Senate -State Campaign Contributions for their "support to candidates who give full and careful consideration to all sides of an issue."

    They also give $2,500 for the Republicans for the same supposed reasons.

1998 Feb 13: Gary Anderson is being faxed from Covington & Burling. He is c/o Whitney Blair 888/708-1935
[Blair is a female TI employee on their Insurance list from 1997 Date of Birth Nov 3 1966] List:

1998 March 1: His Tobacco Institute performance evaluation rates him as "good" or "superior" in most of the performance categories. But "Gary has struggled with understanding — with the tobacco dynamic" (sic).

    His salary is now $88,700.

1998 Sep 10: He is still working for the Tobacco Institute sending out campaign donations to Win Rockefeller in Little Rock Arkansas.

1998 Aug 4: Pan Inmann at Philip Morris to David Laufer and Jack Lenzi Re" TI.
    She send them the cryptic message:

found jack, nix gary anderson in tx

Anderson later boasted to his associates that he was given a very substantial lump-sum payout in return for signing a non-disclosure statement with the Tobacco Institute.

1999 July 28: The Texas Public Employees Association [a lobbyfirm, despite its name] in Austin is paying the Tobacco Institute $855.85 for Gary W Anderson's Medical Insurance Coverage.

Gary W Anderson, Executive Director
Texas Public Employees Assn
512 E 11th Street # 100 Austin, TX Metro Area
Phone: (512)476-2691

Note: Texas Public Employees Association in Austin, TX is a private company which is listed under lobbyists. Current estimates show this company employs a staff of 5 to 9.

2000 Feb 3: The Tobacco Institute advised Gary Anderson of Austin Texas that he had $42,605.93 in his Employees' Saving Plan. He was obviously leaving their employ, or had actually left.

2012 Feb 17: Gary Anderson is listed in this IRS form as Executive Director of the Texas Public Employees Association.



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