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Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty (The)

(aka The Patrick Henry Center )

Another far-right-religious think-tank established by the old-guard of Reaganite Republicans along with Jerry Falwell's fraternity and the old Barry Goldwater supporters ("Bomb them back into the stone-age"). It is gung-ho on anti-communism, anti-anti-apartheid, and pro-Contra in middle America.


    Named after the US patriot, lawyer, tobacco plantation owner and Virginia's first governor.
    The center was founded by Gary Aldrich, who is now the President. Aldrich was also a board member of the Council for National Policy [in 1998] which appears to be closely connectd.

    Aldrich was a FBI agent for 26 years and the author of Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House. "For five years prior to his retirement in 1995 Aldrich served Presidents Bush and Clinton conducting 10,000 interviews and over 2,000 background checks. During part of that time he also acted as Senate and House Liaison FBI Agent."
    Later he co-wrote "Parners in Power with Dr Roger Morris.

2004: Scaife gave Patrick Henry Center $25,000
    (Carthage Foundation's 2004 grants)

2007: Board members include the following Council for National Policy members:
    • Gary Aldrich, (President)
    • Edwin Meese III (Chairman)
    • Peter T Flaherty (NLPC)
    • Paul Weyrich, (NET)
    • Mrs. Beverly LaHaye,
    • Alan P Dye
    • Lt. Col Oliver North,
    • Mr. Reed Irvine,
    • Mr. Howard Phillips, President, The Conservative Caucus, Inc.;
    • Ronald E Robinson, President, Young America's Foundation;
    • Mark R. Levin, President, Landmark Legal Foundation;
    • Rep. Louis (Woody) Jenkins, Chairman, WBTR-TV Channel 19;
    • Alan Sears, President and CEO, Alliance Defense Fund. http://www.seekgod.ca/cnp.f.htm

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