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Citizens for Reagan

(Later became Citizens for the Republic)

One of the major fund-raising organisation in California when Ronald Reagan was seeking the Presidency. It grew out of the older Barry Goldwater for President organisation, and was closely allied with Funds for a Conservative Majority (FCM). Later, both FCM and Citizens for Reagan moved to Washington and were funded by Scaife and other billionaire-family-foundations to promote Reaganite policies.


Citizens for Reagan became a key litigation organ on the religious right of the Republican party, although its core was always devoted to Reagan himself. It allied itself with Jerry Falwell's groups, and was closely associated with the later National Legal & Policy Center (run by Peter Flaherty and Ken Boehm also) and with Falwell's Council for National Policy .
Richard Mellon Scaife was always on-hand with the necessary funds.

1980: This was a major fund-raising, privately financed organisation which was founded in 1980 to lobby member of Congress on behalf of President Reagan's Policies. It claims 100,000 members, It was run by Peter Flaherty who carried the title 'Executive Vice President' and its Chairman was Ken Boehm. Both later founded the National Legal and Policy Center with Scaife money also.

1984 Dec 22: Filed complaint with the IRS against five groups charging they were lobbying against US policy in Central America in violation of their tax exempt status. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=336&dat=1984 (etc.)

1987 July 22: Support for Iran-contra and attack on Daniel Ortega Saavedra, the Nicaraguan leader. They have "printed 5,000 ''Wanted'' handbills carrying Ortega's picture and yesterday began distributing them to Congressional offices.

''As the American people know, it is not patriotic Americans like President Reagan and Ollie North that are the criminals of this hemisphere, but Communist thugs like Ortega,''
the group said in a letter with the poster http://www.nytimes.com/1987/07/22/us/washington-ta (etc.)

1987 Sept 20: New York Tmes said the organization (and Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority) urged members not to watch a HBO cable television program "Mandela" dramatizing the life of Nelson Mandela who was then still in jail.

    Flaherty called this a "propaganda film" which was attempting to influence Congress about South African sanction legislation that it passed over President Reagan's veto. He related it to "pro-Communist, pro-terrorist political films." http://www.nytimes.com/1987/09/20/opinion/abroad-a (etc.)

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