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National Institute for Conflict Education

"Resting" actor EG Marshall (The Defenders ... The Bold Ones: The New Doctors) was hired by the Tobacco Institute as the front man for this tobacco industry scam. He was out of fashion on TV, but trying to develop a new series on CBS radio. However, his face, features and mannerisms were well-known to the older audiences, and his image epitomised wisdom and sophisticated-intelligence.


1988 July: The Tobacco Institute's PR Plan for the year. The Tobacco Institute has recruited him and put him in charge of the National Institute for Conflict Education. This was part of their "Accommodation" program — promoted as "live-and-let-live" — you let me smoke, and I'll let you not smoke.
    Non-smokers who wanted a smoke-free workplace or restaurants were seen as unreasonable and in need to aggressive-reduction training. This presumably was a plan to create a body that might mediate in workplace smoking disputes, etc.

    The report says:

Conflict Resolution Program
    We have sent a letter of agreement to E.G. Marshall outlining his proposed duties as chairman of the National Institute for Conflict Education . We propose that Marshall appear in a membership recruitment video and sign any direct mail.

    We commenced discussions with potential coalition members including National Restaurant Association and the American Truckers Association . We hope to have three or four coalition groups on board by the end of August.

    We have met with Hamilton, Frederick & Schneiders to discuss the organization's first public opinion poll. A draft questionnaire has been drafted. We expect to finalize next month. Results will be used in advertising and promotional campaigns scheduled to commence in the fall.

    We have finalized copy and design for the cigarette carton imprint based on preliminary research. We will commence promotion once the coalition's activities are fully underway.