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ENV Services Inc

An air quality testing company that had access to a PASS (suitcase-sized portable machine) which could be used for surreptitious air-quality testing in locations. They are listed along with Scientific Witness Teams and Ventialation-IAQ experts that local tobacco industry representatives could call upon to refute claims that public smoking was harmful.


The main company was Environmental Air Control, of Maryland and their affiliat ENV Services was the specialist in the "evaluation and analysis of airborne contamination within controlled environments" They claim to be "Service Specialists for Contamination Control Systems" for the manufacturers of micro-electronic coponents, private, public and military hospitals, US Public Health Service facilities (the NIH), medical shcools, medical research institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

Until about 1987, the company that specialised in large-scale industrial installations when it decided to extend its range into providing witness-services to the tobacco industry. In the early 1980s they had specialised in testing for chemicals, pesticides and radon.

1987 Dec 3: George B Davis, Vice President of Research for the holding company gave evidence on behalf of the tobacco industry into the supposed minor role played by second-hand smoke in office and aircraft environments.

1988: ENV Services is doing aircraft IAQ testing for Philip Morris (Osdeen). and the Tobacco Institute.

1989 Mar 16: A Tobacco Institute report to State lobbyists and PR agents on how to establish media tours and recruit witneses using the services available through the Institute Among the many individuals and companies listed, the document explains:

    ENV has the capability to inspect buildings unobstrusively with "a briefcase-sized air sampling kit which can test indoor air levels of a number of common indoor air pollutants ... some preliminary results can be read on the spot and a complete report takes about 10-14 days."
  ENV also has spokespeople capable of explaining results in a hearing setting or in private briefings with lawmakers and others.
  Like the SWT witness team, we need a couple of days to set up air tests (PREFERABLY CONDUCTED UNDER THE AUSPICES OF A THIRD PARTY SPONSOR). So, if you would like to overtly or quietly inspect a city hall hearing room or some other building, they can do it." Let WW/Diana, [or] me know, and Kay Thomas and I can explain the program in more detail.

    [ENV Services was only one of the air-testing companies involved.
The briefcase-sized instrument was called a PASS machine.
SWT means a Scientific Witness Team of paid scientists who could be trusted to perform for the tobacco industry.]

1989 (c): Tobacco Institute Report on the ability of the tobacco industry to respond to hearings on public and airline smoking. Contains a number of lists of experts available to provide witness.
    ENV Services Inc are listed

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