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O Witcher Dudley     [III]

He was one of the middle-management operators within Philip Morris USA in the mid-1980s. The lists show that he was dealing with Smoking & Health issues, and involved in their intrigues. He organised some conferences, etc. Later he appears to have been elevated to Vice President in the leaf-division (manufacturing), but this is probably just a nominal position.


1984: Aug 8 On the third-level middle-management list of those in Philip Morris dealing with Smoking & Health issues. This is an update on Voluntary Health Associations expenditures. He is at least one level below Frank Resnik and Bill Murray.

1985 Jan: A later report (prepared for legal reasons) puts him as Vice President of the Leaf division in 1985. (doubtful that this is actually his job) Note the confused dates.

1985 Sep: 5: On Corp Affairs main memo list. This list covers the main Philip Morris strategic S&H executives, the disinformation specialists, and the tactical staff involved in lobbying, science corruption, etc. No one would be on this list if they weren't involved in this corportions more despicable activities.

1988 Mar 28: listed as part of PM-USA, when Resnick passed around the secret PM-USA five year plan for discussion,

1989 Mar 2: He is organising for Philip Morris USA, a two-day conference at the Kingston Plantation Resort at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to discuss "Tobacco and the 101st Congress."

1991 Jan: VP of Leaf Division PMI list of executives of PM USA. However, he appears to be more involved in the disinformation campaigns. This may mean simply that he was resident in North Carloina, where the manufacturing was done