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Crammer, Paul

An ex-project manager of the EPA who joined the chemical industry, then took on the role of running the fake Business Council on Indoor Air for the tobacco industry.


A toxicologist and project manager with the EPA who joined the chemical industry, working for the CMA division, SOCMA (Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association) dealing with environmental and health problems with pesticides and herbicides.

He later became the president of the Business Council on Indoor Air (BCIA) which involved him in supporting the tobacco industry — mainly because it was established secretly by the Tobacco Institute. One of its main roles was to enlisted the support of think tanks such as Reason, Hoover, Heritage, Claremont, Pacific Legal to write op-ed pieces favourable to the tobacco industry.

Tom Hockaday of APCO listed him in a memo to Lance Pressl of Philip Morris as one, "Possible Individuals to be Approached for Opinion Editorials." when they were looking for well-known scientists or science executives to provide by-lines for planting passive smoking propaganda as articles and editorials in newspapers.

Hockaday listed his credentials as:

Dr: Paul Cammer — is a Scientist and President of Business Council on Indoor Air (BCIA). BCIA's membership consists of' a wide spectrum of firms with expertise in: areas such as monitoring, controlling, improving the quality of the indoor environment, manufacturers of chemicals, consumer products and building materials.

Before BCIA, Dr Crammer was an employee of the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association. Prior to joining SOCMA, Dr Cammer worked for five years at EPA as a toxicologist and project manager. Dr Cammer holds a PhD and MS in Biochemical Toxicology from Perdue University, and a BA in Biological Sciences from San ]ose State University.

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Thomas Hockaday
Business Council on Indoor Air