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Ross Adey memo

Date: Thursday 22 April 1999 [13:52:12-0700]
To: pransley@ xxxxxxxx;
From: Ross Adey

Mr Paul Ransley National Nine Networks, "Business Sunday" Sydney, Australia

Dear Mr Ransley: It has come to my notice that the Australian cellphone industry has singled out one of our studies to support their claim that cellphones are safe. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

My research team has published hundreds of papers on his subject over the past 35 years, many with disturbing findings. From this pioneering research, it is my considered view that there is unequivocal laboratory and epidemiological evidence pointing to potentially adverse health effects of radiofrequency and microwave radiation. Nothing in our research findings can be construed as supporting the view that use of a cellphone is free from health risks.

To the contrary, our research in animal models exposed to digital cellphone fields has revealed the occurrence of effects on regulation of cell growth related to tumour formation. Extreme caution is necessary before directly extrapolating these findings to human health risks. Reduced tumour numbers in exposed animals seen in one of our experiments, as opposed to an increase, is of vastly less significance in a medical context than the finding that there was a field effect on cell growth regulation.

It will be some months before these findings finally appear in an international peer-reviewed journal.( ( But with a feckless irresponsibility so characteristic of their venal vested interests, industry organizations have hastily concluded that our findings support their endless chant, indeed their mantra, that use of these phones carries no risk. And from the biomedical research of which they have been virtually the sole sponsors worldwide, they openly state that the only answer that they wish to hear is one unequivocally supporting corporate positions and policies, totally unfettered by health concerns.

Please be advised that these issues are currently the subject of close scrutiny from an international perspective by the BBC Panorama group for a programme to air in mid-May.

Thank you for your consideration.

W Ross Adey, MD
Professor of Biochemistry
University of California at Riverside
    Distinguished Professor of Physiology, Loma Linda University School of Medicine
    Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers