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Dr. George Carlo Disavows Efficacy of BioPro as EMR Shield

Carlo's affiliation with BioPro probably ended in mid 2007. He had made a couple of video's for them which explained how Carlo's unique understanding of physics had unearthed the fact that cellphone microwave signals carried some new form of 'information' wave content that human cells understood to be orders to self-destruct or become cancerous... and how they could be blocked by having a 10 cent [manufacturing cost] piece of plastic stuck to the outside of the device.

This e-mail came about a year later and was circulated via his acolyte, Paul Doyon through the EMF Refugee group of Hyper-sensitive EMF people.

From:   Paul Doyon
To:       EMF Refugee
Subject: BioPro's Fabricated Science Fiction: From Dr Carlo
Date:     Apr 2, 2008 7:27 AM

Dear xxxxxxx

I deeply regret the misleading message that is portrayed in this video.

a.. The video is the product of fabricated science presented to the Safe Wireless Initiative by Biopro to manipulate the Safe Wireless Initiative into a working alliance that could be leveraged by Biopro to sell its wares. [Who fabriated which part of the pseudo-science ?]

b.. Information presented to the Safe Wireless Initiative by Biopro and the person who sells them the MRET technology, Igor Smirnov, was science fiction. [Any first year physicist could have told Carlo that. Read the claims below; it is pure pseudo-scientific gobbledegook.]

c.. In 2005, when the data were presented to us at the Safe Wireless Initiative, we took it at face value — we took Biopro and Smirnov at their words. We erred. And, unfortunately did not make it a priority to perform the proper due diligence with independent testing until the middle of last year. [But they continued to actively promote and endorse the products as performing in a way that a first-year science student could figure out was fallacious... and any of his stable of EMF researchers would have laughed out loud.]

d.. With that independent testing and evaluation now completed, there is no doubt that the Biopro technology does nothing of what it claims. Indeed, it has little value in helping prevent EMR related health effects. [What 'independent testing was needed. All it would take was one EMF strength measurement]

e.. I am firmly opposed to what Biopro does in their business and opposed to the misleading portrayals of their products. [And about time too!]

f.. The strategic alliance with Biopro has been severed now for almost a year, and was indeed one of my most regrettable professional mistakes. Please accept my sincerest apology for any harm this misrepresentation has caused you. I regret that this video now has a life of its own on the Internet being propagated by Biopro people trying to sell pyramid-type business dreams and products that have no independent scientific support.

Please help us by circulating this e-mail to whoever else might be harmed.

It is critically important that those who are potentially being damaged by this misinformation are given the proper information. [You don't absolve damage by misinformation, just by changing the misinformation and thereby creating even more misinformation.]

Thank you.
George L. Carlo
Dr George Carlo
Safe Wireless Initiative
Washington, D.C.

What Carlo doesn't explain here is how the man who supposedly led the $27 million Cellular Telephone Industry Association's WTR research project could possibly be conned into, not only believing that a piece of unpowered BioPro plastic could block EMF radiation projecting from the other side of the device, but also how he was persuaded to make a video and lend his credibility to promoting this pseudo-scientific crap.

This is an admission that he has no scientific understanding of radio waves. The only possible explanation for his involvement is that he was dazzled by the money.

See also

Global Quantech, Inc. is a US Biotechnology Research corporation founded by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D. He is a member of Bioelectromagnetics Society, Association of American Engineers, and a member of The Society for Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine.

About Dr Smirnov & The MRET Cell Phone Radiation Shield Invention

Our technology is the result of years of research and development in the areas of nuclear physics, engineering and advanced research into the effects of EMF radiation on human cellular physiology by American scientist, Dr Igor Smirnov.

Inspired by his official scientific investigation into the catastrophic Chernobyl, Russia radiation leak of 1986 which induced more than three million incidents of cancer amongst the population of people living in the surrounding areas, Dr Smirnov developed and patented a shielding material, method and device to counteract the biological effects of harmful radiation.

This unique and innovative shielding device breakthrough is beneficial to every wireless phone user of our world!

About Dr Igor Smirnov

    Dr Igor Smirnov graduated from St. Petersburg Naval Academy in 1975, Faculty of Nuclear Physics and Engineering with a Master`s of Science degree in mechanical engineering.

Continuing his education into the next decade, he was actively involved in advanced research regarding the effects of low frequency electromagnetic ocillations (EMFs) on human cellular physiology at St. Petersburg State University, graduating in 1986 with his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

After the catastrophic nuclear plant radiation leak at Chernobyl Russia in 1986, which induced more than three million incidents of cancer amongst the people living in the surrounding areas, Dr Smirnov and his scientific team investigated the healing effect of the area Caucasus Mountains spring water on the survivors of the radioactive leak.

The geomagnetic field of the mountain spring water proved to be unique in structure and action; it absorbed rapidly and more efficiently into the bodies of the native people exposed to the catastrophic radiation, eliminating the harmful effects of the radiation exposure from the cells prior to any damage.

Dr Smirnov`s successful investigation of the Chernobyl disaster inspired years of careful research and his subsequent invention of 'MRET Activated Water' using his breakthrough development, "Molecular Resonance Effect Technology."

Dr Smirnov was awarded two United States patents, "Method and Device for Producing Activated Liquids and methods of Use Thereof" and "Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Material and Device."

His research has been published in the St. Petersburg University Press and in peer reviewed magazines such as Explore Magazine, The Electric Space Craft Journal, The Electric Journal of Biotechnology and the European Journal Of Scientific Research.

He is the President of Global Quantech, Inc., A bio-techological research company and a Member of The Bioelectromagnetics Society of America, The Biophysical Society and The Association Of American Engineers.
    Dr Smirnov lectures extensively and makes speaches at international scientific congresses and conferences such as;

  • Bioelectromagnetic Society Annual Meetings 2004 and 2007
  • Rutgers Symposium On Lunar Settlements 2007
  • The Society For Physical Regulation In Biology And Medicine Conference 2006
  • Thailand National Cancer Symposium 2005
  • Thailand Ministry of Public Health and The Chemistry Society of Thailand Meeting 2005
  • Asia-Pacific Electromagnetics Fields Conference 2004
  • The Front Asia and Oceanic Congress For Radiation Protection 2002
  • Effects of EMR on Biological Systems Conference 2000


    Dr Smirnov's successful breakthrough with water activation has inspired him to develop another MRET invention.

Electromagnetic random noise fields (low-frequency electromagnetic waves) have been shown to interfere with the reception of harmful radiation at the cellular level, producing a form of shielding.

Several controlled scientific experiments have been conducted whereby the superimposing of electromagnetic noise fields onto a radiation wave proved to counteract the biological effects of harmful electromagnetic radiation. This is the exact beneficial action accomplished by the MRET cell phone radiation shield device;

External high frequency electromagnetic radiation generates an excitatory response in the crystalline piezoelectric structures of the MRET shield polymer. Subsequently, the MRET polymer chip generates biologically active subtle electromagnetic waves which are superimposed onto the initial high frequency electromagnetic radiation and thereby has the ability to interact with biological systems to help shield cell receptors from the detection of harmful radiation.

    "MRET-Shield material and devices made, when placed in proximity to persons, animals and plants serve to lessen adverse health effects caused by electromagnetic radiation exposure. The material is responsive to magnetic fields, emitting natural electromagnetic oscillations which are beneficial to humans, animals and plants, and off-set harmful aspects of EMR."

    Dr Igor Smirnov, Ph.D.

The US Patent no. 6369399 B1 "Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Material and Device" was issued to Dr Smirnov in 2002. Since then, the technology has been recognized world wide.

"The MRET Shield Device Counts Amongst The Major Scientific Breakthroughs Of The Century"

Dr Howard W. Fisher

[Anyone can get a patent on anything. This is actually a very expensive, unpowered, non-emitting, plastic button that you stick on the outside case of any electric device, and it acts as a placebo. Remember that Carlo held himself out to be an expert in the Nocebo effect!]